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    clock settings< STD and SP ?

    Hi there! I made a complete video tutorial about the Dashboard I am sure that will help you: YouTube
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    Perfect motorcycle roads - NC750X DCT 2019 - ROMANIA

    Hi there ! Glad to discover this dedicated Honda NC forum, it's very usefull ! I am very happy to present you some of my trips made so far with the NC750X. Here in Romania there are some amazing motorcycle routes that can offer you a lot of excitement and adventure. Let me present the...
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    Negative comments from others about DCT

    Hi there, I am glad to discover this dedicated forum! I own a NC750X DCT version since March this year, and made so far 15,000 Km with it. What can I say? Amazing fuel consumption, great handling and very practical for everyday use. When it comes to negatives they are pretty clear from...