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    Need Help DCT Transmission Question

    Hoping someone with an older DCT model can respond to this..... I have a 2013 DCT, which I've owned for over a year. Since day one I've always kept the bike in "S" mode which seems to keep the proper gear and provide more power when needed. Today I decide to play with the "D" mode and see how...
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    Auxiliary Light Location Help....please

    I'm purchasing a couple 2", 10watt LED lights to enhance daytime conspicuousness and nighttime visibility. I've come up with two possible mounting locations without needing to buy a light bar or engine guards. Option #1- Mounting the lights to the bolts holding the front fender. This...
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    FOR SALE: Sargent Perfomance Plus Seat

    Seat has had very little use and is in like new condition. Great addition to your NC! Size wise I think it's ideal for a medium-large rider based on butt width. :) Manufacturer's Item #: WS-632F-18 Front Seat Only, Honda NC 700X/750 X 2012+ Regular Height Black CarbonFX insert Metallic Silver...