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    New member from San Jose, California

    It is a great bike. I think you will find it is good for short or long trips, even some dirt. I added a Madstad and a more comfortable seat to mine, which made it much more pleasant for distance rides. I put 6000 miles on mine in the first 6 months and had not a single problem with it. Hope...
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    Honda NT700V ???

    The NT is a great looking bike. I have a red one and I was thrilled to get it. I think it is quite a bit more bike than the NC but since I got the NC I mostly ride the NC. It feels so easy to handle that I actually feel safer on it. The low cg and dct are big bonus points for me. The NT is...
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    Honda NT700V ???

    I still have the NT. It has much better wind protection than the NC and is more comfortable for long trips. I have ridden both to South Dakota from California and I prefer the NC. The NC feels much lighter than the 70 pounds difference with its low center of gravity which makes it much easier...
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    Short inseam: how do you mount your NC?

    I have a 30 inch inseam and am 73 years old. I was concerned about the seat height when I bought the new NC this spring, my first new bike, but found I had no trouble mounting the bike when it was bare. I started kicking my foot on top of a 40" high bench as part of my exercise routine three...
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    Seat advice

    Shad seat for distance I recently returned from a 3000 mile trip in 8 days. The shad seat while initially more comfortable than stock had me squirming and standing up on the pegs. It was mostly caused by the slope into the gas tank. After returning I tried raising the front onto the top...
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    Seat advice

    I just returned from a 2900 mile trip, traveling 430 to 260 miles a day and the shad seat while much more comfortable for a short trip was downright painful on a long trip, primarily because of the forward slope. It is a great looking seat, doesn't increase the seat height but does not fix the...
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    Standard and Touring Windshield with Laminar lip

    Yes, Rippin. It didn't work well but I think it is because I had the wrong combination of screens. I think that in order for the lip to work well you need a main screen without a recurve. The Givi has a strong recurve at top which doesn't allow the lip to redirect the airflow. On the Nt stock...
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    Standard and Touring Windshield with Laminar lip

    I had great success with a laminar lip on an NT700. But no success with a lip and the NC. My guess for a lip on a Givi screen didn't make an improvement. I got a Madstad but it is not as good as I want either. I think a lip with the right screen might still be the answer for the NC.
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    Installing a Madstad NC700 Windshield - Mike Mas

    I have the 20" set at its lowest setting. I am 5'9" Tried different angles and heights. I think maybe the 18" would be better. Got the 20 because I have long torso. Thanks for your suggestion.
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    Installing a Madstad NC700 Windshield - Mike Mas

    Having just installed a Madstad on my 2017 ncxd i am beginning to wonder if I am expecting too much? Compared to my nt 700v with a stock shield and laminar lip the Nc700xd with Madstad is nowhere near as quiet or buffet free. I love the way the Nc700x handles but maybe because it lacks a...
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    2016 NC700X Windscreen options...

    You may need to attach the winglets what looks like upside down, with the longer part pointed down. I first attached mine on a 2017 with the long part up and they would ht the brake lever at full lock. Turned them 180 and they miss the brake lever.
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    ...And northern California gets another inmate... 2013 NC700X

    Welcome, lots of helpful folks on this forum. I have had several questions answered. I too am an inmate of the North State. Serving time happily with so many beautiful quiet roads to ride.
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    3/4 Helmet Opinions

    I just purchased a 2017 nc700xd this month. I also purchased for the first time a modular helmet. I like it for the first hour but after that I get a headache. The safety issue makes perfect sense to me but I always found the full face helmets claustrophobic and vision limiting when I tried...
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    MadStad adjustable windshield system for the Honda NC700x

    Neostorm, I wrote to you a few moments ago but I am not sure the message was directed to you. I think this style would look great on my bike. Would you mind sending me information about this windshield? Ken
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    MadStad adjustable windshield system for the Honda NC700x

    I like the look of this Madstad the best of any I have seen. I would like to put one on my new NC. Would you mind telling me the specifications on this one? I just mounted a Givi and a laminar lip. It is better than stock but still not as good as people are stating for the Madstad. Ken
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    Pulling the trigger?

    I bought a 2017 two weeks ago. I took a trailer and drove eight hours there and back to get it. It handles great, looks great and does all I expected from a dct. I drove that far because it was the only dealer that had one in stock. I wanted to ride one before buying. With my 30 inch inseam...
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    Low volume of 2016 nc700x in dealerships?

    The Roseville dealership is where I bought my Nc700x last week. I had been looking for one since January and none of the dealerships nearby had the 2017 model. I am in Redding, a bit of a drive to try out a bike. What do you think of the dealership? I am thinking of future maintenance.
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    Trade NC700X for NT700V?

    Both Nc700x dct and Nt700v now. Just purchased 2017 Nc700x dct last week. First new I decided it was okay too splurge, because I am 73, but I am regretting what all the accessories cost to make it a touring bike. My nt has been great for trips but the Nc700x handles much more to my liking...
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    Trade NC700X for NT700V?

    I just purchased a 2017 NC700X dct. I haven't ridden it much yet. I also have had for two years a Nt700v. I would enjoy hearing what you think of the comparison of the two bikes.