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    2016 NC700X DCT ABS Rear brake pads. (EBC FA174HH )

    Just posting this for future reference in case anyone runs into this problem. EBC's FA174HH rear brake pads do not fit on a 2016 NC700 DCT version. I've just spent a lot of time trying to make it work. Finally had to run down to the stealership to buy some OEMs. I've done the research, several...
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    Oil change, 2016 DCT. Rotella OK?

    I'm not a beginner when it comes to changing oil on motorcycles, but I've never had an automatic one before. From what I've read so far, the 2016 700x DCT has a second filter that also needs to be replaced. Is the oil requirement the same for the manual and DCT version of the 700x? I've ran...
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    Honda top case + Panniers + Guitar?

    Does anyone here ride with a guitar often? I can't wear my soft case, it's a Gator progo, and I have OEM top case and panniers. Usually I just strap it to the rear seat on my other bikes. Today, I had to lay it sideways behind the top case and trap it down to my 2016 rear metal rack on the...
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    WTB: Medium ADV jacket

    Looking for an adventure jacket like a Fly Terra or similar with all the liners included. Size medium.
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    Modding Luggage to add in tie down anchors?

    I have on my bike the Honda Top box and Panniers. Great for storage, but it does take away my spot for when I need to strap down a bulky item like my backpack, cardboard boxes, guitar, etc. I'm thinking of drilling into my top box and installing D ring anchors like these: 1/2 in. Forged Cargo...
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    Help with installing brake flasher

    Hi, does anyone know where the connector for the brake is on the new 2016 NC model? Is it that big one under the pillion right behind the gas cap?
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    Left foot peg shorter than right footpeg?

    On my 2016 DCT, I've notice that the left footpeg does not extend as far as the right footpeg. Meaning if I squeeze my feet in as far as I can, the left footpeg feels like it only comes out to the middle of my foot, while my right footpeg will feel like it comes out to my toes. Did anyone...
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    Lan split with OEM panniers?

    I live in Socal and split lanes all the time with my sport bike. I just got my NC700x and it came with Honda panniers installed. I've been riding with them off because I'm afraid they'll come into contact with other cars when they split lanes. Does anyone have experience in this matter that...
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    Rox Risers/ Givi Smart Bar/ Jacket/Pants/Rain Gear/ Gloves/ Scala com unit/ Helmets

    Hello all, For sale are the following items. Please feel free to comment. Prices are for shipping to US 48. Items are available for pick up in Westminster, CA. I can also bring it to Los Angeles or South Bay if you buy it. Paypal preferred. Thanks for looking. (Also looking to trade for NC...
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    Soupys Adjustable lowering links and Adjustable side stand combo GROUP BUY

    Hi Guys, Are you interested in lowering your NC with the right hardware? I've contacted Soupy's and They're willing to give us additional 5% discount for 5 people, or 10% discount for 10 people. With the 5%, the kit comes out to $230 for the links and stand. I know this forum must have some...
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    Socal la/sd?

    I didn't see a subsection for individual areas. Anyone in the SOCAL area looking to have a bike meet? I'd love to got to one and check out other peep's NC700s. I also wanna do a ride down to SD just for the hell of it. Anyone interested?
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    2016: taller windscreen, slip-on, lowering link and side stand (SOCAL ++)

    WTB: Medium Adventure jacket Looking for a reasonably priced ADV jacket with removable inner liner. Looking for these "farklings" : -OEM Brake lever -highway pegs
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    Horn on a DCT

    It seems like every time I get on my Hondas, the horn always change position. Got on for my second first ride on the new 700 today, I kept honking at people but it had no effect. I couldn't hear the horn. Turned out I was pressing the shift down button. The horn is on top of of turn signals...
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    Hello from a new 2016 owner

    Hello everyone on the forum. Tuan from Socal here. 3rd year rider. Just bought a 2016 model, and here's my story. I'm riding my beginner 2013 CBR500R on the freeway when a cylinder gives out. Shop says it's the fuel injector, and at 35k miles I think it's time to sell that bike and move up...