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  1. DirtFlier

    WTB: Front seat for NC700X, 2012-2016

    Sorry - no longer needed.
  2. DirtFlier

    The New Look

    Congrats to those who made the new format. Thanks! :-)
  3. DirtFlier

    Swingarm for NC700X, 2012-2015, $35 you pay shipping

    I bought this from EBay for a project but never went through with it. It appears to have come from an almost new bike because the paint is so nice and unchipped. It includes the axle blocks, adjusters and rear axle & spacers. The swingarm pivot bolt is not included. Payment via PayPal and...
  4. DirtFlier

    FOR SALE: New Honda centerstand

    FOR SALE: New Honda centerstand - NEW price! SOLD! And to a good home. :-)
  5. DirtFlier

    HyperPro Shock and fork springs

    These have been SOLD.
  6. DirtFlier

    Oil Filter wrenches

    Not wanting to hi-jack or divert a previous post about oil filters, which seems to go on forever, I thought I'd mention that filter wrenches are available from Honda. Long ago bought a "filter set" from Honda - the set being a nicely-plated, metal, oil filter wrench and one oil filter. If you...
  7. DirtFlier

    Kouba Links

    For NC700X (manual or DCT), 2012-2016. These will lower the seat by approx 1-3/8" (35 mm). Cost $80 new + shipping. I want $40 and I'll ship free to any US address. And I prefer PayPal.
  8. DirtFlier

    Rear wheel installation...

    I changed tires on my NC700XD over the weekend and for a while, getting the rear wheel inserted into the swingarm without the caliper bracket falling was a real problem. What I finally did was use a short section of 0.750" steel tubing from my scrap bin as a dummy axle to hold the caliper...
  9. DirtFlier

    Extra onboard storage

    I installed two of those document tubes onto my NC700X using homemade brackets attached to my SW-Moto side bag mounts. What I didn't want to do is drill new holes into those mounts so I used existing holes or existing bolts. One tube holds my tools nicely and the other has a 30 oz canister of...