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  1. Juan_Banjovy

    Engine Guards VS Frunk Guards

    I read online about an NC750X rider who crashed, bike slid & ground a hole in the engine case. The bike had "engine guards" which did nothing but protect the frunk some. 2nd NC700/750X in a month that ground a hole in the engine case from sliding. I don't know what the sides of the engine cases...
  2. Juan_Banjovy

    Crashed My Car Today

    4 lane, two-way road. Other driver coming in the opposite direction failed to yield, did a hard & sudden left turn in front of me & I smacked his rear door about 30 mph. The car to my left hit the brakes & flew past his rear bumper. His insurance expired last year. Speed limit was 35 & my air...
  3. Juan_Banjovy

    First Day of Autumn 99 degrees.

    Just venting, not riding until it cools down. Got my bike in May. Had hip surgery & when I recovered it was 102. It's still hot enough I got bronchitis this week. We get air quality alerts in summer when the Dallas smog cooks. So, 4 months & 623 miles. Barely broken in but Oct 4 looks like a day...
  4. Juan_Banjovy

    600 Mile Inspection Question

    Should the mechanic wait 24 hours after the engine is shut off before adjusting the valves? If they need adjusting? That was the case with my scooter, no mention of it in the Honda manual. Just want to make sure it gets done right. I'd do the inspection myself but the dealer told me that would...
  5. Juan_Banjovy

    Ordered Spiegler Stainless braided Brake Lines

    Shipped today but I'll wait until it's time to change brake fluid before installing. Maybe this winter. I would have waited to order but I learned sometimes the product is no longer available once I need it. I was hoping to find a set of Speed Bleeders too but their website doesn't show them for...
  6. Juan_Banjovy

    To beak or not to beak

    The beak. Must have one if you ever leave pavement! But seriously, I used to despise beaks & thought if I ever get an NC700X I'll saw it off. Well, haven't done it yet & not sure I will. That gaping hole would look even funnier. I'm learning to ignore the beak & just enjoy riding. It's part of...
  7. Juan_Banjovy

    Louder Horn & cut down windscreen

    I got a Fiamm 72112 low tone snail horn for my Suzuki VStrom but never installed it & decided to put it on my Honda. Much louder. Sounds like a car horn. Actually it is. Didn't need a relay because I didn't pair it with a high tone horn. Easy to install, just had to cut that white zip tie on the...
  8. Juan_Banjovy

    Those rubber things the wind screen screws go into

    I don't know what they're called. I ordered 4 from BikeBandit but they're "in progress" & haven't shipped. Anyone seen these in a store some place? I decided to put my wind screen back on but I cut it down to the top of the mounts for looks. Don't want to wait a month to put it back on.
  9. Juan_Banjovy

    Tidied Up the Tail & Red Rim Tape

    . Ok 2 pics rotated 90 degrees. Just cleaned up the tail a bit. All those reflectors & the bracket. Took off the lower fairing thing. Neoprene fork gators. The license is a temporary, real one is on the way.
  10. Juan_Banjovy

    Got a New 2014 Honda NC700XE

    Bought it yesterday from the local Honda dealer. Never saw a 5 year old bike with zero miles but it was a great price & I've been interested in these for years. A minute into the test ride I was laughing in my helmet thinking "It's mine. I'm getting this!" My last new bike was 12 years ago...