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  1. dduelin

    My Bike Is For Sale In The Classifieds

    I'm not messing around it's priced to sell. I got the bug for something new.$3750-north-florida.html#post218607
  2. dduelin

    FS 2015 NC700X DCT ABS $3750 North Florida

    $3750. Excellent condition and many installed extras included. One owner, 35,400 miles, garage kept, all services done on time with records. Nice example of farkled bike for commuting, touring, or day rides. Madstad windshield, heated grips, Bark Buster aluminum frame hand guards, Mondomoto LED...
  3. dduelin

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Thanksgiving greetings to everyone! I hope we all have a sense of how blessed we are. Thanksgiving Day may be primarily an American holiday but I believe a sense of gratitude for family, health, and opportunity is common to our shared human experience.
  4. dduelin

    My friend Tim needs a hand

    My friend Tim Roush is a good guy, the kind of friend that not only lends you the tool you need he comes over and helps you do the job. He's a hard worker and has raised a family and done most of the right things so far in life. We live a few miles apart in Jacksonville, FL. Tim likes to ride...
  5. dduelin

    New Shelby GT500 Mustang Goes DCT

    Another iconic performance machine gets with the program. Ford’s Shelby GT500 Ditches the Manual Transmission
  6. dduelin

    Woman's heated jacket

    This is a Powerlet brand heated jacket tagged Woman's Small. The tag says size 6-8 chest 33-34. Condition is very good. I plugged it in to a Gerbings controller and it heats well but it's just too small for my wife to wear. The sleeves have plugs for gloves. Jacket and storage bag only, no...
  7. dduelin

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! I’m grateful for seeing the sunrise this morning from the seat of a motorcycle and the time with family later today, both gifts from my Heavenly Father.
  8. dduelin

    Stranded in the woods. Battery gave me warning but very little warning.

    My 2015 DCT had 30,000 miles on the original battery. The last few times I started it (over the most recent two week span) I had noticed it was a little slower turning over and the thought had entered my mind that the battery might be nearing the end of life but it continued to hold 12.6 to 12.7...
  9. dduelin

    Triggered ABS fault today

    Today I was running some forest service roads that are typical light sand over a packed limestone or hard sand base. After a stop for a short break I took off with lots of throttle and the rear tire lost traction and spun up for a second or two in first gear before it hooked up again and shifted...
  10. dduelin

    Honda USA website updated to add the 2018 NC750X

    Coming Soon To A Dealer Near You 2018 NC750X Overview - Honda Powersports
  11. dduelin

    First Ride Report 2018 Goldwing

    The first ride report in this month's issue of Rider magazine is long on technical details of the new GW with some new pictures of components but the actual ride portion itself is short. Honda did not release the bike outside of a controlled setting (Twin Ring Motegi Japan race track venue) but...
  12. dduelin

    Honda bringing the NC750X to the USA.

    It's not here yet but Honda's website makes it look a for sure thing in 2018. 2018 Upcoming Models - Honda Powersports
  13. dduelin

    BMW R 1200RT gets a new home

    So I know this fellow with a 2007 BMW R 1200RT. I've ridden a lot with him. He decided it was time to retire the 07 and buy a new RTW. The problem is the 07 bike has a lot of miles and needs a clutch and a main oil seal so it isn't worth anything even though cosmetically it's a 9.5. The dealer...
  14. dduelin

    DCT Filter Removal Tool

    I have found the little DCT filter a little difficult to remove. The temptation is to take a couple of small screwdrivers 180 degrees apart to catch the edges of it and pry it out but I did not want to risk damaging the machined edge of the filter housing. I took a piece of wire from the...
  15. dduelin

    What I didn't do on my NC700X yesterday

    I'm not sure I'd done it except my wife was about 500' below me. I couldn't have kept my man card around the house if I'd stayed in the plane.
  16. dduelin

    Check my math or my high school math teacher was right.

    At long last the day came when I needed to figure the volume of a cylinder. I want to raise the oil level in the forks about 10 mm. The ID of the fork is about 39 mm. I figure the amount of oil I need to add is just about 12 cc. Correct?
  17. dduelin

    Ordered Wrong Sprockets. What is the JT P/N for a 39t rear?

    I ordered a pair of new JT sprockets off Amazon but they don't fit. I ordered by just tooth number and chain size - live and learn. I do know the front sprocket is a JT 1373.16. Does anyone have the JT part number for a 39 tooth rear? TIA
  18. dduelin

    Rider magazine April 2017 NC700X review

    Editor Mark Tuttle reviewed a 2016 DCT in the April issue. It's nice to see a widely read magazine review the bike again. This might be the third Rider article IIRC, the first coming in 2012 as a first ride quickie and later a comprehensive test comparison with the 2012 Versys and 650 V-Strom...
  19. dduelin

    Special Thanks to the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office!

    Last night my car outside in the driveway was rifled through by a thief. When I discovered it at 7 AM I figured the thief got only a few bucks in loose change and I blamed myself for not locking my car which I usually do. I did not report the crime to the police as a waste of their time and went...
  20. dduelin

    NC700X USA model returns for 2017

    The Honda web site has updated returning models for 2017. I'm glad to see the NC700X remain in the US line up of 2017 models but there is no more speculating if the 750 comes to the US at least for another year. Fred can finally get his red one with silver wheels.