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    removing rear plastic - behind rear seat

    I need to get the passenger seat hinge out (or at least accessible) so that I can replace the broken part. I pulled out the 2 obvious bolts holding the small plastic part behind the passenger seat, and couldn't get it off. Suggestions, or an alternative means of access?
  2. J

    Passenger seat doesn't want to open

    I'm having trouble getting the passenger seat to open. It seems that one side is unlatching but not the other. Right now I have the rack on vs the seat, but I've had trouble with the seat too. Not as bad as I'm having right now... luckily I have a gashole. Any suggestions on what to...
  3. J

    Whining noise from front at some speeds, brake issues. Wheel bearings?

    Went to leave for a trip and a couple hundred miles in, after a decent downhill section, I stopped to take a few pictures. I get back on the bike after several minutes, continue, get to the next corner and have next to no front brake. They pump up after a few tries, go away a little again, and...
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    Alaska 2019

    Figured I'd put my basic route plans up here. Day 1: slab it to Yuba City, 20 to Marysville Road to 49N to Gold Lake Highway (if open, not sure if it is) to 89N to 147N to 36E to 139N to 299E to 31N to 97N to Bend, OR for the night. Google Maps Day 2: 97N for a long way, to 821N back to...
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    WTB tool kit, now

    I realized I don't have an OEM tool kit for my NC. I'd like to pick one up ASAP so I have tools for adjusting the chain etc on the road. I leave in a week. Anyone have one they'd sell me? Needs to be here (CA) by a week from today... Priority Mail should do that no problem. Or I'm...
  6. J

    Powerlet outlet location: where?

    I need to install a powerlet outlet for my electric gear. Any suggestions on where? I'd prefer low profile, meaning drilling a hole for it, vs on the bars. Also: is the accessory harness the best option for powering it? So far I have grips and my phone charger running off it, that's it.
  7. J

    Removing crank access plug

    Even using heat, I managed to round out the hex for the crank access plug. Instead of using a breaker bar there, I ended up just turning the rear wheel... awfully inconvenient while looking at the timing hole, but it got the job done. I'm guessing the only reasonable option to get it out now...
  8. J

    Centerstand extension

    I found that with my 705s in 130/80 and 150/70, plus the RSV4 shock set as long as it'll go, the centerstand isn't long enough to get the back tire off the ground. The whole reason I bought it is to be able to clean/lube the chain on my trip. Any preferred way to extend? I'll add that I can...
  9. J

    Maintenance before a long trip

    In a month or so I'll be heading up to Alaska. Probably around 8k miles total. Before I leave it's getting a new chain and sprockets (Superlite sprockets which I've had good luck with in the past, RK 520GXW chain - good stuff), plus new tires (Shinko 705s), and I'll be checking the valves...
  10. J

    temp gauge?

    I'm used to having a temp gauge on my bikes. Is there any specific one I should look into? I can't imagine it'll have any problems with normal use but if the radiator gets filled with mud I'd like to know sooner rather than later.
  11. J

    NM4 swingarm

    It looks like good used NM4 swingarms are available fairly cheap. I believe it's the same basic bike. What all does it take to make fit?
  12. J

    Quicker turn throttle with heated grips

    Sorry for all the questions, but I tried searching for this with no luck. I have the Honda heated grips on my NC. I'd like to shorten the throttle throw. It's awfully long given the amount of power the bike has. Is there any easy way to do that? I know some people (on other bikes)...
  13. J

    Replacing front turn signals with driving lights

    I'd like to mount a pair of LEDs in order to see a little better at night. I already have a set of Acerbis Dual Road handguards, and was planning on adding the optional LED strips to them. I was thinking that with turn signals moved there, I could mount the driving lights in place of the...
  14. J

    How much weight in frunk/bags?

    I know that the official weight limits in the frunk and factory bags is really low - I think 5kg in the frunk, similar for the top case, I forget on the side cases. That said, how much weight do you put in yours? Has anyone had problems from overloading?
  15. J

    Grippier footpegs

    I'd like to pick up a set of pegs that offer a little more grip when my boots are wet or muddy. I'm used to fairly aggressive pegs - aftermarket rearsets with knurling on the pegs on streetbikes, dirtbike pegs on dirtbikes. Looking around, I see a few options: 2x CNC WIDE Footpeg Foot...
  16. J

    WTB stock windshield

    I have a tall Honda windscreen and get a lot of buffeting, so I'm hoping to find someone's take-off stock windscreen. PM me with a price. edit: got one
  17. J

    Chinese rear shocks

    I was wondering whether anyone here has tried the various shocks available on eBay etc. CTX700 Shock Swap | Peter Verdone Designs is about the CTX (but they use very similar suspension) and he seems to think it's working fairly well. Maybe I'll just go Tuono like most people, though.