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  1. Triumph 'n Shadow

    Saddlebag and Topcase Shopping - Have a Few Questions

    No experience with the Honda top box personally but I heard that the Honda brand pushes the passenger further forward. That aftermarket top cases sit further back. Anyone here with experience with both who can comment? God bless!! Michael
  2. Triumph 'n Shadow

    Making the helmet quieter - helmet hack

    When my wife and I are riding and it is not ultra warm I will reach up and close her vents. Every time I do this she tells me it got tremendously quieter. We have Bell Revolver modular helmets. With vents open it is very difficult to hear each other on the Sena. Closed vents make it a little...
  3. Triumph 'n Shadow

    Back Surgery

    Arkridia: I have owned and enjoyed a 2013 NC700X for 4 years now. Like you, I have a bad back. Several points to make: The foot positioning does feel a lot better on the NC than it does with a foot forward position bike. I test rode a Triumph America after years of NC riding and found...
  4. Triumph 'n Shadow

    how far is??

    I am sure you have been checking on all the sites possible to decide on where to go here in the states. But here is another site: 25 Top Tourist Attractions in the USA (with Photos & Map) - Touropia Plus, I would like to put in a plug for right here in Pennsylvania. We have the Historic...
  5. Triumph 'n Shadow

    African Twin Next Year?

    The February issue of Rider Magazine states Honda is coming out with the AT Adventure Sports. 6.37 gallon gas tank. 3.15 inch taller windscreen. Flatter, taller seat. Crash bars, heated grips, and 12v socket. And .8 inch more ground clearance. Sounds like a nice machine. God bless!! Michael
  6. Triumph 'n Shadow

    Hating On Motorcyclist

    You just never know what one person's idea of a good article is. The author appears to be "seeing" this array of supposed disrespectful words and actions taken by so many. There may be certain people that either do not like or do not appreciate certain groups. But I do not see much of it. And to...
  7. Triumph 'n Shadow

    how far is??

    Google states: 682 miles 10 hours and 3 minutes They are in different time zones here in the states. This route does have toll roads where you will need money to pay the tolls. A route listed without tolls is 17 minutes longer. Will you be picking it up and driving out to visit someone in...
  8. Triumph 'n Shadow

    Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

    Merry Christmas to all the NC forum members and their families!!! I pray you each have a fantastic and safe 2018. God bless!! Michael
  9. Triumph 'n Shadow

    BSA Comeback.. Interesting...

    Here is a great article on Triumph producing bikes in Thailand and why. Triumph motorcycles Thailand factory visit God bless!! Michael
  10. Triumph 'n Shadow

    BSA Comeback.. Interesting...

    When all is said and done I think people will look at the bike and the price more than the name. Many will see a name they faintly remember. But what they put on the street will make or break them. And the cost will need to be reasonable to get people to try a totally new machine/company. There...
  11. Triumph 'n Shadow

    Any nt700v and nc700x owners here?

    I, too, am strongly considering the NT700V. I test rode one back in maybe 2012. I was intrigued by the back storage area. But I was not totally sold on the style. At that point I was a "total cruiser" guy. Since then I have purchased both the Triumph Tiger 800XRx and a 2013 Honda NC700X...
  12. Triumph 'n Shadow

    Honda NT700V ???

    My wife and I dd test ride an NT700V way back when. Since we hopped off a Yamaha 1300 Tour Deluxe it did feel a little weak at the time. Also, back then I was a cruiser guy sitting on a sport tourer. Now I am a Adv/Sport Tourer guy that forgot about the NT700V until this thread! Looking at them...
  13. Triumph 'n Shadow

    Center of the road motorcycle riders.... WTH?!?

    I think being seen by other drivers starts and stops at the visibility of your clothing, helmet, and any lighting you have on your bike. I have a hi viz green full face and a co-worker once told me I can always spot you on the road from a good distance. If you feel they can't see you in the...
  14. Triumph 'n Shadow

    MT60rs vs K73

    I have a set of Pirelli Scorpion Trail tires on my Triumph Tiger. Came stock on them. Still have them on at 12,500 miles on the ODO. Have a new set on order to change into. I have come to appreciate the Pirelli brand. Put a set of Metzler Tourance Next on my 2013 NCX. Awesome tire on the road...
  15. Triumph 'n Shadow

    A bunch of random new-owner observations

    Glenn: Great and thorough report. Well thought out, good examples given, and elaboration at points to help others understand. Most on here will go with a less expensive tire. My thought is that is the main item between me and the road. I ended up getting Metzler Tourance Next tires. It was...
  16. Triumph 'n Shadow


    greenboy: That is because you are having too much fun running around those back mountain roads and trails of Montana! We have some of those but nothing like what you have, I am sure. I always make sure I have enough fuel to go to the mountains or stay in a region there are stations if letting...
  17. Triumph 'n Shadow


    LSDPoet: The most I have gone on a tank is 262.4 miles before stopping to fill up. My miles per gallon that tank was 81.25. That tank I kept the RPMs down at 3K and lower. I will target around 260 miles to refuel. At that MPG I could have possibly hit 300 miles for the tank. But once the last...
  18. Triumph 'n Shadow

    I'm tired of hearing people calling the NC750X Soulless and boring

    Most of the "dull and soulless" comments might come from people who have not owned, or even ridden, an NC of any variety or color. They read or hear one person say it and it continues on. Remember the comment the NC engine was a Fit engine cut in half and many continued to state that as fact...
  19. Triumph 'n Shadow

    Really hot. Do you you ride?

    I will ride in any temp. If is heavy rain or snow/ice that stops me. I want to ride on the pavement, not be part of it. Coldest I ever rode in was 8 degrees (F). The old 1992 Honda Shadow fought it at the start but it finally warmed up to the idea. God bless!! Michael
  20. Triumph 'n Shadow

    2016 Honda NC700X Long-Term Review

    Eric Steele: Totally agree. Well stated. As only a Steele could do! God bless!! Michael Steele