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  1. DirtFlier

    Honda Could Rebrand the Honda CRF250L Rally as an Africa Twin

    It would have to be called the "Africa Single," unless they decided to add a 2nd cylinder which is unlikely. :-)
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    Mig welding a kickstand while installed on the bike?

    That rubber tab attached to the sidestand foot was the result of some lawsuits filed when the dopey owners rode off with the sidestand down. Nowaways with electronic controls, the engine will die if you put it in gear with the sidestand down.
  3. DirtFlier

    LOUD PIPES SAVE LIVES mentality -vs- A.T.G.A.T.T. mentality

    Most threats to motorcycles by other vehicles come at the 10-to-2 quadrants. Getting hit from behind (where the pipes are loudest) does happens but it's extremely rare. They need to face the pipes forward if they really want more safety! ps. I like dressing up like a Power Ranger! :-)
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    Who else has a dct that is never going back to a traditional clutch?

    I've thought for years that our fixation on 0-60 times is totally absurd because there are only rare instances when you'd have to come to a full stop, then accelerate up to highway merge speeds. Most of the time, you'd on a long ramp and have plenty of distance to come up to speed before...
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    Who else has a dct that is never going back to a traditional clutch?

    My guess on why DCT is not offered on bikes smaller than the NC, is cost. Bikes in the 400-500 range are all battling to keep their prices friendly for new riders but who knows, that could change at some point in the future? :cool:
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    Harley Davidson Reaches Agreement Over Multi-Million Dollar Fine

    Yes, they were quiet when they left the production plant but were often modifed at the dealership before a customer took delivery. Some of the products from H-D's Screaming Eagle accessory line can & did cause the engine to sound a lot louder than stock. I can remember when some of the pipes...
  7. DirtFlier

    Something Loose In Fork

    The long tool you mentioned was used to hold the top of the damper rod while the bolt from the bottom is loosened but probably on a different model/brand bike. The top of the damper rod on most, perhaps all, Honda street bikes is round without any lugs or edges that can be gripped by a long...
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    Something Loose In Fork

    The only thing inside the fork that requires tension from a bolt is the damper rod. Everything else is held in position by the fork spring. By the way, that bolt comes in from the bottom and once unbolted, the damper rod falls out once the fork is inverted. No special tools required.
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    Heated vest

    As regards the battery tender subharness, I ran it from the battery through an existing opening then tucked into the frame along the right side of the bike. I use my Optimate charger all the time so I wanted external access to the plug. I use a Powerlet plug mounted to one of the...
  10. DirtFlier

    Heated vest

    Seems like great prices to me; especially since you typically pay more for stuff north of the border. Did the jacket come with a heat controller or just an On/Off switch. If it came with the latter, I'd suggest a heat controller which is a lot more convenient.
  11. DirtFlier

    Heated vest

    Yes, I've used elec vests of both of my bikes without any problems. My other bike is a 2010 Honda NT700V. Mine is a vest not a jacket so the amp draw is only around 6 amps max. Jackets have a high draw because the sleeves are also heated. The NC produces around 14.2v when riding and the vest...
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    Different models?

    I ride regularly with two pals who have CTXs and whenever I'm leading and come to railroad tracks, I merely stand up without slowing much but they have to slow way down because there is no way to stand up with feet forward! That old (2012) X vs S comparison from Nova Scotia repeated the fallacy...
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    Different models?

    The S model has shorter suspension travel, F & R, when compared to the X. And since we don't get the S here in the states, I'm not sure if it's available with DCT.
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    Who else has a dct that is never going back to a traditional clutch?

    During these pandemic times, I've been watching lots of YouTube video on mostly fix-it subjects but the other morning, I found an NC700X video where they compared the acceleration of the DCT bike against one with manual transmission. Don't know the year it was made but obviously pre-750 engine...
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    Setting rear sag - Stock suspension

    The industry norm for road bikes is 35% of wheel travel with you on bike, wearing all your normal gear.
  16. DirtFlier

    Information Can’t find a definitive answer

    Yes, cutting the sidestand is pretty simple. And for those who worried about the weld breaking, the joined pieces are in compression when the sidestand is down - the weight of the bike is pressing the welded joint. If the weight was trying to bend the welded joint, then there would be a concern!
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    A bit confused about the empty gas tank

    The most I've ever put in was around 3.1-3.2 gals. I rarely, if ever, use the centerstand when filling the tank so that can make a difference in how much fuel the tank will accept.
  18. DirtFlier

    Did Harley Scrap the Bronx?

    When the new H-D CEO took over a few months ago, he said they'd focus on their bread & butter: cruisers and large tourers. So far it's still on their radar but I'd bet their ADV Pan America will be nothing but a distant memory a year from now.
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    Rear tire slow leak...

    I had a slow leak on one of the rear tires of my Troy-Bilt lawn tractor and it defied all efforts to find it so I went to a big box store and bought the cheapest, largest plastic storage tub they had. With the tire inflated to max allowed pressure, I dunked the tire/wheel into the water and it...