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  1. mzflorida

    ECU External Display

    Hello everyone. There is a guy on the VFR forum who wants to add an external display that shows the ECU functions in real time. I kind of recall that being done by one of our members. I could be wrong and cannot find the thread. I think his was hard wired but the guy on the VFR forum is...
  2. mzflorida

    choosing a new motorcycle is miserable!

    I own a VFR1200X, which I love, that I purchased after selling the NC. Few regrets in life, but I do regret selling the NC. I needed room in the garage was the only reason. The bike was tame but fun. Not one problem with it. I used it around town and on 500 mile trips. Seat sucked...
  3. mzflorida

    Intro--Getting back to riding after 20+ years, the NC fits me--.

    602 240LBS 34 inch inseam and also owned the NC700 and it fit pretty well. Once or twice I felt I was a little too big for the bike but that was fleeting. I loved it but sold it and regret selling it terribly. You are going to love the bike (at least I hope so) it's enough of everything but...
  4. mzflorida

    New member from Florida

    Gulf Coast too but down in Fort Myers/Naples area.
  5. mzflorida

    Best 2020 Headlight for 2012 NC700x?

    PIAA makes a lamp that is very good. Not cheap but comes in packs of two. they do not last as long as most halogens but are unquestionably brighter.
  6. mzflorida

    New member from Florida

    Whereabout in Florida? Congrats!
  7. mzflorida

    Information Hello from Barrie

    Barrie Ontario? I used to go to annual golf outings over at Nattawasaga Golf resort.
  8. mzflorida

    A bit more about "Dark side"...

    No way in hell. I know. It works. Spent too much time in my life figuring out how this works with two proper wheels. Love working on bikes, i change my own tires, and this will never happen. But, I do like the awesome idea on breaking the bead to remove the old rubber.
  9. mzflorida

    Michelin Anakee Adventure Tires

    I had them on my VFR. I did not like them one bit. They were noisy, squared off in the rear and cupped in the front prematurely. However, most seem to really enjoy them. Maybe it's my riding style, which is tame by just about all measures.
  10. mzflorida

    Information New Member

    Welcome to the group. I sold my NC when I bought my VFR. Buying the VFR was not a mistake, selling the NC was! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. I'll be adding an NC750 to the stable hopefully sometime this year.
  11. mzflorida

    The US 2020 NC750X

    from Long heralded as the ultimate commuting motorcycle, the NC750X is also a legitimate adventure machine. For the former application, features like excellent fuel efficiency, convenient storage compartment and smooth power are the standouts, whereas the ADV styling...
  12. mzflorida

    Dunlop Trailmax, Gone Already!

    Dunlop roadsmart III.
  13. mzflorida

    3 wheeler nc!!
  14. mzflorida

    Strategies for reducing footpeg vibrations?

    I don't know how to mitigate the vibration. But there are countless threads and product recommendations over on that might give you things to consider.
  15. mzflorida

    Should I change my tires? Your tires were squared too, which is a separate wear issue. But this gives you a good starting point, generally speaking.
  16. mzflorida

    My Bike Is For Sale In The Classifieds

    Thanks Dave. Good luck again in your search.
  17. mzflorida

    Random thoughts / pics thread

    Hairdryer on low set inside of the tire works also. You are right. Warmer is 40-50% easier.
  18. mzflorida

    DCT initialize learning process FAILED.

    Glad that it is up and running!
  19. mzflorida

    My Bike Is For Sale In The Classifieds

    Hi Dave. Good luck on your search for the new bike. Before you take off, can you take a look at this thread and see if you can give this guy some guidance? DCT initialize learning process FAILED. I thought you might have some insight.
  20. mzflorida

    DCT Initialization Issue CTX700 From CTX700 forum.

    Hi Guys, There is an issue a member of the CTX700 forum is having. I told him I would post it here to see if any of you can help. US non HISS ECU on european HISS loom ? - Honda CTX700 Forum DCT initialize learning process FAILED. - Honda CTX700 Forum Thank you all and have a...