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  1. Triumph 'n Shadow

    Honda deals at Honda dealers!

    I was at our local Honda dealer two days ago. I see a 2014 Honda CTX1300 sitting out front. Looks brand new! Salesman stated it is. The local Honda business owner found out that the Honda warehouse had a plethora of 2014 bikes sitting in the Honda USA warehouse. He said he was able to bring...
  2. Triumph 'n Shadow

    Anyone to the Blue Ridge Parkway?

    My wife and I came down from North Central Pennsylvania to drive the Blue Ridge Parkway on Saturday and Sunday. While pulling out from an overlook towards the lower part of North Carolina on Sunday I saw what I believed, at such a quick glance, to be a black NC700X. Any of our NC brothers...
  3. Triumph 'n Shadow

    Push starting an NC

    Can you push start an NC? Our new battery is completely dead and a small portable jump starter would not bring the dash to life. So we tried push starting it to get it to the Honda Dealer. Out of 5 tries on a small hill twice the dash lit for a second or two. But I ran out of hill...
  4. Triumph 'n Shadow

    2013 NC700X totally dead

    Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of last week I was out on the NC. Put just over 200 miles on the bike. Last night I go to start it and nothing. No dash lights or anything. I did put a battery tender on it but still nothing. Like I said, not a thing comes to life on the bike. Battery...
  5. Triumph 'n Shadow

    Motorcycle ownership per state (US)

    Hello everybody! Here is an article found that states how ownership of motorcycles per state varies: 50 States Ranked for Highest Motorcycle Ownership: You Won't Guess Who's No. 2 -- The Motley Fool The results were not even near what I expected. Enjoy! God bless!! Michael
  6. Triumph 'n Shadow

    Bike designed for tires - or Tires designed for bike?

    Note that since the V-Strom wasn't specifically designed for the Metzeler tires, so these effects may differ, depending on the motorcycle. Metzeler Tourance Next Review - webBikeWorld My 2013 NC700X needs new tires. I have 7500 miles on the tires from purchase and they are looking pretty...
  7. Triumph 'n Shadow

    Preffered rain gear style

    Hello everyone! I have never purchased any true riding rain gear. Always got wet or made due with non-riding implements. I want to get really good riding rain gear. Do you people prefer a textile jacket that is waterproof or do you prefer the regular stow away rain suits? Prefer...
  8. Triumph 'n Shadow

    Is the NC700X a touring bike?

    Hello everyone! My wife and I took our NCX down to her family's farm on Memorial Day. That is a 90 minute drive. Both going down and coming back our back sides became sore as possible. We do have the stock seat. I know the stock seats have a rep as a ride killer. But my...
  9. Triumph 'n Shadow

    Lone Honda NC amongst a sea of Harleys

    I just wanted to tell everyone here, especially those that may be contemplating whether or not to get a Honda NC700X, how we were at a large motorcycle Blessing church service this past Sunday. Our small, but menacing, red NC was parked prior to the ride alone in the midst of maybe 300-400...
  10. Triumph 'n Shadow

    Think I have the MPG thing figured out

    Hello all! I know people are reporting anywhere from 61 to 75 MPG and up on their NC700X bikes. I was trying to figure out how to get up in the 70's. I rode the bike as normal for me where it is 15.1 miles one way to work with about 14.5 miles being on the highway. This was doing 60-65 MPH...
  11. Triumph 'n Shadow

    New to the NC700 Forum

    Hello everyone! I am new to your forum. I live in north central Pennsylvania. I have been riding for 36 years. My wife and I bought a 2013 Honda NC700X (Red) back in September of 2013. We also have a 1992 Honda Shadow 1100 and a 2013 Triumph Rocket III Tourer. I have made the...