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    Random thoughts / pics thread

    I would give some of that useless open air space above the rear wheel for an additional 2 liters of fuel tank capacity.
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    Considering buying one - need advice

    X2 on what davidc83 says, except mine is a 2012 manual. No regrets whatsoever. I'm keeping it for a long, long time. Lee, DCT or manual is like deciding if you like chocolate or vanilla. It's your choice.
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    The Best Touring Motorcycles of 2020

    I think with the New Concept design philosophy of the NC series, it would have been a perfect candidate for an innovative, light weight, efficient, maintenance free, belt drive system. Honda missed an opportunity there.
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    The Best Touring Motorcycles of 2020

    I agree that less weight is good. However, the NC has one trait that makes is less suitable as a long distance tourer: chain drive. Be sure to pack chain lube and chain adjusting tools.
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    The Best Touring Motorcycles of 2020

    The list of “best” included pretty much all of the available large touring bikes. There is also a grammar problem here. Best is a superlative term. A superlative always refers to one specific thing. There is only one biggest, best or most (adjective) thing. There can be only one best, not a...
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    Winterize NC750X

    No problems with storing carburetors dry. I do it with probably 8 to 10 of my engines (scooters, mowers, generators, etc). Some low use engine carburetors are drained after every time the engine is used. The best example of success is I have a Honda lawn mower I bought in 1984, that is used...
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    General opinion on riding with backpack?

    Ditto on riding with a camelback. In hot weather I ride with the camelback full of water. When riding on the dual sport motorcycle which lacks a frunk, the camelback is also used to carry a few small items.
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    Winterize NC750X

    Answers would depend on where you live. I’d think people living in normally hot climates would do more riding in the winter, and very little in the summer. We have some good days in the winter where I live, but sometimes long stretches of ice and snow that make riding impossible. I may put a...
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    PSA: using a CTX clutch cable on nc700s

    Thank you for the detailed, illustrated explanations of the cable routings. The main issue does seem to be Honda’s complex routing of the stock clutch cable. I’m still a tittle confused on why the CTX cable didn’t work for you. Forgeting about the stock S cable and routing for a moment, my X...
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    2020: What did you do to/with your NC700 today?

    Agreed. The sparkle part of farkle refers to the items added for looks. The F in farkle comes from function. The tank pads seem to have looks and function, hence it’s a good farkle. Farkle can also be said to mean: Fancy Accessory, Really Kool, Likely Expensive.
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    Need Help Part number for NC750X-DCT workshop manual

    61MKA04 Order it here:
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    PSA: using a CTX clutch cable on nc700s

    If the standard clutch cable for the NC700S fits and operates fine, what was the reason for installing a CTX700 clutch cable on your S? I use a CTX clutch cable on my NC700X. I have 80mm of handlebar riser installed. The CTX cable is 100mm longer than the stock NC700X cable. The CTX cable is a...
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    Need Help Chain adjustment fluctuation

    I agree with dduelin on adding 5mm to the side stand slack spec if you want to do the measurement on the centerstand. I just tried to find the old threads on that subject and they don’t to come up in searches anymore. Put simply, I adjust the chain on the centerstand and set the slack to 35-45 mm.
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    Need Help Chain adjustment fluctuation

    It is abnormal for 1500 mile old chain. When chains get 15,000 miles on them, random tight links in the chain make the slack vary during the rotation. But for a fairly new chain, the slack should be consistent. It is possible, but unlikely, that a sprocket is causing this problem. I would...
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    Benelli TRK502 Adventurer Is Now Definitely Available in the U.S.

    As usual, the author gives us the horsepower details, but no mention of the weight. It looks like Benelli nailed it on the concept. Let’s hope it performs, and is reliable.
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    Buying parts from Partzilla

    As with the spark plugs, owners can set their own air filter change intervals, if desired. I change my filter at no sooner than 25,000 mile intervals. In my opinion, the NC filter has a huge surface area relative to the engine displacement, which should easily accommodate long replacement intervals.
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    Size tyres

    The DCT uses, among other sensors, the wheel rotation sensor at the front wheel. It is one of the inputs to the PCM. An example is that if you lift the rear wheel off the ground and attempt to “accelerate”, the DCT will never shift past 1st gear because it does not sense front wheel rotation...
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    Buying parts from Partzilla

    We’ve had discussions in the past about spark plug life. I’d find the threads but some seem to have been lost with forum software changes. There was no scientific study, just conjecture. NGK themselves has said that their iridium plugs, like the OEM NC plugs, should last around 70,000 miles...
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    Buying parts from Partzilla air filter $35.32. I don't know about shipping or tax.
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    Buying parts from Partzilla

    Do your shopping and go for the best bottom line price.