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    Short holiday in the Ardennes region. Belgium and France.

    I went to join my g/f and het daughter in a hotel in Givet just in France. Made some timelaps movies and normal ones. The timelaps stuff is without audio. The normal ones are ussually long and winded movies. Be warned. I'll add links as i post them online. Timelaps first: 4th of may...
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    Went on a BMW GS ride with mixed brands allowed. :)

    It was hard. But i made it. I can brag and say i rode through that all alone but my rear tire didn't give me much grip. So i had an extra HP behind the NC She was saying: "Stick to the left of the puddle and it's ok. I'll push!"
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    T73 Heidenau on the back.

    I recently got rit of the TKC80 on the front and got a Bridgestone allroad tire instead. Works good enough. And now i switched the TKC70 on the back for the Heidenau K73. The bike is digging a lot more on the back. Handles powered corners better in the sand.
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    NC750x DCT in the Ardennes (Belgium/France)

    Went on a 2 day trip to see friends. G/f on the CRF friend on the Freewind.
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    I went to a meet in France. (Diesel motorcycles and Enfields)

    Because i should have gone with my own Diesel but that's not really running i took the NC. It behaved very well indeed. Warning about the movie. It's longish. But so were the rideouts. Very nice.
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    MRA screen with Xcreen also from MRA

    Last two pictures have the most efficient airflow over my head.
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    Tunnel series. Local tunnels.

    Here I'll post the vids short to long of the tunnels in my neighbourhood. All going underneath water. I took the opportunity to use the tunnel acoustics. And the full length tunnel only movie. And ofcourse the whole movie. If you like...
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    My other automatic horse.

    I have in my shed another motorcycle with automatic driveline. It's the main reason why i bought the NC (Because the NC will ride a lot between breaking down (A serious lot)). But i did put the old beast back together again (partly) and it's ridable for the moment. More work is needed but this...
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    Speedo indicator has trouble over 150km/hr (93.75Mph)

    I noticed recently in Germany on the autobahn that the speed indicator would loose stability over 150km/hr. The instability increased towards 181 km/hr on the gps. At that time the NC indicator was indicating values between 130 and 187. Is there anyone else with this specific problem?
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    Trying to stay on or near the border between Belgium and the Netherlands. I know it's long but... I cut out enough already :) Enjoy Camera mounted on my mirror stalk. First and last time. :)
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    Took my NC750X for a small tour around my town.
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    7 September ride.

    Starts in Doornzele on the Dries. Not too many pictures as it was quite busy. The Dries is a piece of grass in the middle of the town where in old times all people in the village were allowed to grow crops, and farmers would bring their cattle to check and trade them. In Doornzele is the only...
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    I went for a ride 1st of september in Zeeland, The Netherlands. Harbours and more. I hope the link works!
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    OEM heated grip dealer installed. (known problem)

    So far i'm enjoying my NC750X a lot. I feel like i'm really getting to know it after only 300km. The last 50km making it 350km felt like coming home. 2 Thing bug me though. The biggest one is this. I am expected to reach for the "N/D/S" control a lot but i can't because the oem way...
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    NC750XD Offroad!

    Not even 200km's on it and i couldn't help myself.
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    NC750X Adventure ordered.

    I signed the paper. It's coming. Joy! Should be here (Netherlands) end of July. The DCT version :) I'm used to the automatic stuff. Oh and red! Farkles! I like that word. Well the special edition for 2014 includes: Heated grips, Tour wind shield, Fog lights, Top end protector...
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    Hi from Axel

    I'm Bert from the Netherlands. I'm currently saving up for a NC750X after i had a profound experience riding it. The bike made me realize that the other automatic bike is eating too much time to get it to run. NC here i come.