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    What to do first???

    Center Stand and Heated Grips were done by the dealer before I collected it but the first thing I did was to fit a Fuze Block in the bottom of the Frunk, where the handbook lives
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    Help, daughter hit the kill switch on NC700XD

    My money's on a very low or failed battery. The bike continually assesses the state of the battery and throws all sorts of hissy-fits when it's low. The front brake trick work if she's just hearing clicking. That's telling her that there's not enough juice to spin the starter.
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    2018 NC750x Touring Build is Done.

    Get a Radiator Guard.
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    86-1 code on 2015 Nc700x DCT

    The NC DCT's are sometimes too clever for their own good. The constantly analyse the state of the battery. If the battery is considered to be tool low, for whatever reason, or can't be seen (loose terminals) they "sulk" and wont autoselect Neutral to allow you to start the bike. To confirm if...
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    Fixed stock seat with highway pegs

    Similar mod on my NC750S but fixed to the crash bars. They work for me on long and short rides. I don't have a problem with regard to the back brake. Just switch back if I can see a problem arising. Never been a problem to date. Got my pegs from Ebay
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    blinker replacement

    You should change both. You will, most likely, have to fit ballast resistors to stop them flashing at an insane rate. before you take everything apart, see if you can just "hook them up" dry and check the flash rate
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    blinker replacement

    Why so? seems very straightforward from here?
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    2018: What did you do to/with your NC700 today?

    Kumatae San - All seats test ridden by Honda's best 110lb Japanese test rider! Sayonara!
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    Nobody will patch my tire!!

    Why not go for the "Belt & Braces (Suspenders)" option? Fit your plugs and then install some tire sealant which will take care of any leaks, should they occur
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    Front Cowl Screen

    That's the very one. Looks so much better than the scabby exhaust headers. They just spoil the look
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    Lane scare from passing car

    Here in the UK, lane splitting has been "legal" for some years - nationwide. I got the chance to discuss it with a Police Motorcyclist one day. We agreed that it's a manoeuver that should only be carried out on stationary or "slow moving" traffic. I asked him to define "slow moving. He took a...
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    2017: What did you do to/with your NC700 today?

    Been there, done that. From my personal experience, there was NOTHING short of opiate painkillers that would touch the pain and that wasn't a route I wanted to take. So, yes, I was as crabby as f***. Had my hip surgery in February 2011. Was back in the saddle May 2011. Never looked back. I...
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    2017: What did you do to/with your NC700 today?

    In the UK, they're called "roundabouts" The example below is an extreme example of what happens when the roundabout salesman is behind on his quota for the year end figures! When you look at it and try to plot a route, remember that we drive on the left. (not that makes any difference on this...
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    Front Cowl Screen

    Some clever member made a screen for the opening in the front lower cowl from aluminium mesh that really looked good. Trouble is, I can't find the post for love nor money! Can anyone help please?
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    Lane scare from passing car

    Ditch the Micky Mouse horn and fit something MUCH more substantial. If you hit your horn, you want it to be heard.
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    Mutazu or Kijima Engine Guard - Highway pegs

    Your link seems to point to an Amazon ENGINE page.
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    Homemade farkels/accessories thread

    Speaking WITH informed opinion, you are 100% correct Sir. The same applies to Polyethelene or PVC communication and electrical cable. White PE/PVC will break down and crack over time due to UV light. Black does indeed have UV protection and is less inclined to crack and degrade as White does.
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    Homemade farkels/accessories thread

    I've had a hip replacement. To get on a fully loaded-up bike, I put it on the main stand and utilise the left footpeg. Getting off, I put it on the side stand and CAREFULLY get off via the left footpeg. Of course there's always the "leapfrog the top box" method like The Loan Ranger! "HI-Ho...
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    Homemade farkels/accessories thread

    I made one for my previous bike. Make sure you use "seamless hydraulic pipe" Available from any Hydraulic Supplies Specialist in 9' or 12' lengths. Then, if you can, get it powder coated
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    Hello from a new 2016 owner

    You say you have hard panniers and top box. That means that bolted to the rear of the passenger footpeg plate, you must have a bracket of the pannier rack bolted on? This is an excellent "handle" to pull up as you stand on the center stand lever. It's more technique than strength. If this...