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    Honda R345C Candy Alizarin Red

    Has anyone found a close color match for Honda's R345C Candy Alizarin Red? I've got a 2014 CTX700 in this color and would like to paint the color match top plate on a Shad top box to match, but found out they want $134 per pint for the OEM Honda paint! That's nuts! Anyone dealt with this...
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    lowering links and raising forks

    I'd like to lower my NC about 1.5" I have the lowering links and plan to raise the forks up to bring the front down close to the same amount. I'm a bit concerned about how to support the bike both when installing the links and also when the forks are loose. I don't have a center stand on it...
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    NC700X to NC700S

    I have a '12 NC700X...kinda like the looks of the 700S front fairing better. I found a 700S fairing on eBay...would that be a direct fit replacement?