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    CTX700 in Vetter Fuel Economy Challenge

    Schultz Engineering - Custom Motorcycle Parts and Renewable Energy Products I have a theory and have been trying to prove it spite of Fuelly data, with all else being equal (all else being equal is the hard part of proving theories) that the 670 parallel twin can be a more economical power...
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    Fuel Economy Challenge: Mid Ohio; July 8; 7AM

    Please come to the following event and lets have a little competition among stock or near stock bikes. I think Hondas will rule, but unlike previous years, we need to have more rides and their riders show up and ride. See below for details and a link with more details. What: Mid-Ohio Vetter...
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    CTX700 100 mpg in Vetter Challenge

    I recently competed in the 2014 AMA Vintage Days Vetter Fuel Economy Challenge in Lexington, OH with my 2014 CTX700 standard transmission and brakes with a 12" Madstad adjustable screen, a removed muffler with only a straight, 14" 1 1/2" o.d. aluminized pipe extension, and a Dewalt DWST08204...
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    The Ultimate Top Box

    Thank you forum members for all the ideas and help you've given me. I'm still fairly new to all of this; only a sophomore rider, and I've got no one in my community that is a fellow rider to converse with, so forums like this is about all the support I've got. I've got the CTX700 and have...
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    New Rider; Scooter Owner; Considering a Honda 700.

    I've had a Piaggio BV350 scooter for ten months. It's my first ride. It's really a great scooter performance, features, and practicality wise; brand new engine design; 330 cc; 33 hp; 23 peak foot lbs of torque @ 6000 RPM; huge storage for its class; sized like a 300 (think Kymco People 300i but...