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    Front Cowl Screen

    Some clever member made a screen for the opening in the front lower cowl from aluminium mesh that really looked good. Trouble is, I can't find the post for love nor money! Can anyone help please?
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    Spare Fuel

    One thing that concerns me with regard to the bike design is the size of the fuel tank. I wanted to have an "ace up my sleeve" with regard to an extra fuel reserve. I already had a 1litre fuel bottle then I spotted a tube on a friends bike that he uses for tools etc. I tried out the 1 litre...
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    NC750S Farkling

    Getting close to my satisfaction point now. Carbon Fibre Fender Extender & R&G Radiator Screen Heed Engine Bars Highway Pegs Sound Bomb Air Horn Front Fog Lights Ram Mount for IP66 IPhone Case Front Fog Light Switches Cream Vinyl Lining to...
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    The Enfield Strikes Back (Gibraltar or Bust)

    It's a few years old now but should still make a good read: THE ENFIELD STRIKES BACK Enjoy
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    Are the front and rear brakes linked on the NV750? I have read in one review spec that they are linked on footbrake activity but have not seen this in any Honda spec.
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    750S versus 750X

    I'm almost ready to pull the trigger on a new NC750x. I managed to drop my Triumph Trophy on my left foot and broke bits and pieces. The Stormtrooper boot is now off and I can hobble about so, time to go to the dealer and look at the X with a view to arranging a nice long test ride next week or...
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    Engine Bars

    I am soon to press the button on a NC750x DCT (as soon as the plaster comes off my leg! - don't ask) With the ocean of spare time I have, I'm researching the bolt-on mods that I want. It would seem that all of the engine bars that I've seen seem to be quiet close in to the bike. Does...