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  1. New Commuter700

    Year two

    It has now been two years since I bought my 2015 NC700X new. Rather than rez a zombie thread, here is the link to the first year. But here are the stats from the first year: Miles - 16,900 miles average MPG - 75.949 mi/gal Insurance- $450.28 (for a year and a half, I just made the next...
  2. New Commuter700

    Thought I'd leave this here.

    I found a page that explains why your photos will not orient correctly on the forum. It gives a great explanation of how to fix them also. Image rotation fix
  3. New Commuter700

    First year with the NC700X, with numbers

    I have finished up my first year with this bike and I am still very happy with it. So happy that I got a specialty plate just for it (see avatar image). I have logged 16,900 miles on this bike in the first year, which does not include the months of July and August last year because I got clumsy...
  4. New Commuter700

    Spilled fuel

    I seem to have a problem with spilling a few drops of fuel on my seat when I fuel up. I have gotten to the point where I grab a couple of paper towels, shake the nozzle when I pull it out and carefully tip it back as I remove it from the tank. But today I did all that and spilled more on my seat...
  5. New Commuter700


    I just completed my first week of commuting to work on my *new* 2015 NC700X. My commute is about 100 miles round trip and about an hour each way. Tomorrow I change the oil for the first time. First, I would like to talk about why I bought this bike. I have an 18 year old pick up with 190k on...