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    Nc700x gas smell in oil.

    A little background. After the first 600 mile service, I took a 300 mile round trip to tuscon az. The morning after I got back I checked the oil and noticed it was overfilled. Thinking the dealership overfilled it, I removed enough oil to bring it to where it's supposed to be, but I noticed the...
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    Yoshi r77 sound

    I'm looking at this pipe for my new nc700x. For those who have one or have heard it, how much louder and or deeper is the exhaust note. Utube videos dont tell the whole story.
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    Most accurate way to check oil with a centerstand.

    I'm sure this has been brought up before. I am very picky about my vehicles. I could get the bike to be upright and level by holding it so I got the idea to put the center stand down just far enough that it holds the bike level WITHOUT lifting the rear wheel,but if you take your foot off the...
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    Nc700x exhaust a recommendation

    I'm looking to upgrade the exhaust and I've narrowed it down to either a ixil hyperlow, yoshi r77, or Leo vince evo 2. I want something louder that stock but not annoyingly loud. Deep and throaty would be preferred. What would you guys recamend
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    Nc700x ixil hyperlow exhaust (tell me about it)

    This si the exhaust I am looking at putting on my new nc700x. For those who have one, hows the quality (weld quality/ fit and finish) I know the sound is awesome, but what about everything else. Thanks!!!
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    (Nc700) characteristics of a 270 degree parallel twin.

    What are the characteristics of a the 270 degree parallel twin in terms of engine sound, vibration etc. I have a 2015 nc700 that's going in for its first 600 mile service. I bought it brand new. I had a bit of a concern that the engine had a clackity clack, almost piston slap(ish) sound at idle...
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    Nc700x highway riding before first service a good idea?

    I've got about 260ish miles on my new nc700x and was wondering if it is a good idea to do any highway riding before the first 600 mile service, or am I good to go
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    Brand new 2015 nc700x valve train noise? HELP!!

    I just picked up my 2015 nc700x last week and have 250 miles on it I have followed the break in perfectly, and it is not low on oil. The link to the utube video is exactly what mine sounds like after it warms up. It quiets very little if I pull the clutch in. Is this normal for this bike or...