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    clutch cable getting stiff and adjustment - Honda modification

    Old thread / posts I'm aware , but. If your clutch cable ( mine is a manual transmission ) has a binding feel while attempting an adjustment , look at the cable prior to the locknut. Your cable could have a downward arch (per se) causing the adjustment barrel to bind......feeling difficult to...
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    Russell Day Long Seat for NC700

    Old thread / post........I'm aware. I've had an Air hawk for quite awhile, stopped using it ; never could get the air pressure correct. Always gave a "wishy-washy" feeling.......the air would leave the contact area and go to the less contacted area.....if that makes since.
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    New old guy

    Alaska........hmmm, that would be a great place to see.
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    Old/New Member

    Welcome.....back. Any decisions made on NC purchase......etc?
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    Old bike, new member

    kmvreter.......any updates / progress?
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    2015 nc700x servicing

    No harm in checking the's easily done with minimal fuss.....if any. Then, you'll have fresh oil and coolant!. Ride on
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    Which style bar risers?

    Success! . Nothing a sharp tool didn't handle
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    Which style bar risers?

    No ABS......2014 700x, manual tranny. Thank you 670cc!
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    Which style bar risers?

    Attempting to install some SW MOTECH risers.....30mm. Having issue with brake line "stays" metal bar looking thingy down within all the plastic ( by the upper right side of the fork ). The lower brake line stay attached to the front of the frame attache by a bolt. Oddly, I need to...
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    Setting off in 2nd gear

    Everyone should avoid it. Edit: Everyone
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    Considering New 2015 NC700X (Dealer Special) Should I get a later model

    Again, congratulations and welcome andyFromwi.
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    Deal on low mile '13 NC700X?

    Understood on all , thank you both
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    Deal on low mile '13 NC700X?

    Thanks TacomaJD appreciate the input and photos of center stand in action. I've read where the 700x center stand is easier to engage / apply than most bike center stands?.
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    NC on the TAT?

    You'll have lots of fun on your Hima I bet.
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    Deal on low mile '13 NC700X?

    East Tenn. Like the Harper bag attached to the grab rail. Do you find the center stand difficult to operate / use......I do not have one installed. Also , which wind screen is that?. TIA
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    Considering New 2015 NC700X (Dealer Special) Should I get a later model

    Welcome andyFromwi......I also have a 14 model....manual tranny. Ride on.
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    Seat Concepts, version 2.0

    670cc.......modified seat still going well?.
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    Overall length

    Your crazy weather "swings" sound alot like SW Ohio.......arrrgh. Arizona sounds nice......maybe.
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    Deal on low mile '13 NC700X?

    Thought you had to have it inspected? ..... misread above post (s) I suppose.....disregard then.
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    Deal on low mile '13 NC700X?

    Closest Ohio trooper post to Bethel Ohio is in Batavia #13....FYI. Short drive.