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  1. ld_rider

    Weirdness going on w/rear brake

    Seems as though my rear brake has pretty much stopped functioning. Haven't done any work on it recently or anything like that. Basically what happens is when I apply it, there is very little actual braking effect. Took a look at the pads (original) and there is plenty of material left...
  2. ld_rider

    I really don't enjoy cleaning the bike

    I know some of you enjoy the bonding that comes with cleaning your motorcycle and getting it all squared away and looking good. I hate it. Wheeled it out of the garage today and took a long look at mine and what a mess it is. I don't think I've washed and detailed it in at least two years...
  3. ld_rider

    2019 Iron Butt Rally starts Monday 6/[email protected] 10am

    I know of at least three riders from this forum that have ridden in previous IBRs...anyone here running this year ? Kickstands up at 10am today with the first check point Thursday in Kennewick, Washington.. Godspeed to all riders..... 2019 Iron Butt Rally Livestreams | Iron Butt Forum Post...
  4. ld_rider

    How many miles on your DCT?

    I've got 50,000+ miles, mostly under extreme riding conditions (two Iron Butt rides) with no issues. I commute about 60 miles/day on it during the school year unless there is freezing rain or snow. I do ride it year round and it has never been on a battery tender. Since I have the summers...
  5. ld_rider

    Heading to the start of the 2017IBR

    Weather looks good for my run from Maine to Saint Louis Park, MN where the 2017 Iron Butt Rally is headquartered. My kickstand will be up at 05:30 tomorrow morning the 22nd. Should be there sometime Friday. If anyone is around, stop by and check out some of really crazy Long Distance modded...
  6. ld_rider

    Removing both wheels with only center stand for support?

    Need to get both wheels off for a tire change. I have a good size floor jack and the factory center stand but have no access to a proper motorcycle jack. Anyone pull both wheels using just the center stand and still have the motorcycle remain upright? ;-) Not sure where the balance point is...
  7. ld_rider

    Which motorcycle table lift are you using ?

    I'm kicking around the idea of finally getting up off my concrete floor and having the luxury of working/cleaning my bike at a comfortable height. I'm not interested in a jack but a professional style table lift, either hydraulic, electric or a combination of both. Any recommendations? TIA
  8. ld_rider

    Pro-oiler arrived from Rijkevoort Netherlands!

    Super quick shipping to America and package arrived with no damage. I ordered it on Sunday, April 2nd with an extra nozzle and the GPS option (I'm a sucker for high tech). Hope to get it installed and configured once all the snow is gone, probably in a week or two. Planning a high-mileage...
  9. ld_rider

    Scottoiler eSystem ???s

    This is the first motorcycle that I've owned in the last 20+ years that has a drive chain. After 30,000 + miles and two sets of chains and front/rear sprockets I'm thinking of simplifying my life as far as chain maintenance goes. The Scottoiler eSystem has caught my eye and I would be willing...
  10. ld_rider

    Kawasaki Versys 300 ABS

    Thoughts? $5,699 w/ABS and comes standard with a 4.5 gallon fuel tank (!). Advertised as a long distance runner and a commuter. I like the fuel efficient parallel twin 296cc engine from the Ninja (but tuned for torque), the 19 inch front wheel, the range, and the weight...only 386 lbs...
  11. ld_rider

    Can't get "Notifications" to zero out

    Have a couple of stubborn "likes" given to posts I've made that simply won't clear from my notifications tab. What gives? TIA
  12. ld_rider

    Bit the bullet and ordered my custom seat.

    Well, after 30,000+ miles on the NC I'm tired of the sheepskins, beads, bicycling shorts, different pegs, etc, etc and ordered a custom, made for me saddle. I plan on keeping this bike for at least 200,000 more miles so the additional cost of a custom ($420) seat isn't all that hard to take...
  13. ld_rider

    2016 BMW R1200RS - Talk me off the edge

    I'm getting weak in the knees for this new Beemer - 125hp and about the same weight as my DCT...Shaft drive and electronic cruise control. 45+ mpg...Of course I could buy 2 1/2 new NCs for what BMW is asking but dayum, I REALLY like this bike! I live about 40 miles from the largest BMW dealer...
  14. ld_rider

    Fuel gage not registering under two bars.

    Ran out of fuel on the highway while showing two bars. Filled up, gage went to full and again, ran out without ever going below the two last bars. Last couple of fill ups same thing, shows full, drops normally then stops at two bars. Any ideas? Using the GPS as a substitute fuel gage but...
  15. ld_rider

    Rolled into Albuquerque New Mexico for 2015 IBR start

    Rolled to the start hotel this afternoon. Pretty uneventful run from Maine. Weather was fine, but really hot and muggy running I-40 to Albuquerque..It was 47 deg F when I left Maine and I packed all my heated gear..Hopefully there is one huge, giant bonus in like, Inuvik ;-) Was really...
  16. ld_rider

    Where to get the bike serviced near Albuquerque, New Mexico?

    I'll be rolling to the start of the 2015 IBR either this Sunday or Monday from Maine and when I get to Albuquerque, New Mexico sometime Thursday afternoon I will need service on the bike. Oil/filter including the DCT filter (I'll have the DCT filter with me). I will be able to drop the bike...
  17. ld_rider

    Anyone actually install a Denali Light Bar?

    I'm having a brutal time trying to get this light bar installed. I downloaded the instructions before I ordered....wasn't interested in a major project, it looked pretty simple so I went for it... Here are the instructions...
  18. ld_rider

    Clearwater Lights on a Denali light bar? Anyone?

    Trying to get some serious lighting going and was thinking I <really> like the reviews and comments on the Clearwater Krista lamps Krista Info Page. Was thinking the Denali NC700x specific light mount would be a sweet place to install them. Denali Auxiliary Light Mounting Bracket for Honda...
  19. ld_rider

    Slippery stock pegs...What did you replace them with?

    I just know I'm going to slip off my footpegs one day and crush my nuts.. I've come close already :-( What have you replaced the stock pegs with that gives your boots some bite? Part number or specific model would be a big help. Also, was it a simple bolt-on or did you have to monkey...
  20. ld_rider

    2015 Minuteman 1000 motorcycle rally now open for riders!

    Read all about the Minuteman 1000 rally here: Post # 5 has the link to the rally site I've run this rally a bunch of times on my GL1800 and last year was the first time on the...