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  1. IronButt84

    My 705 after 6900 miles

    Could have squeezed a few more miles out of it.
  2. IronButt84

    700 miles on a Air Hawk seat pad

    I just put this on for a ride this weekend. I've read other seat reviews and thought this might be the answer for longer rides. I think it increased my mileage between "I need to get off" from before. I played with air pressure some but here is the problem with any air or water bladder seats...
  3. IronButt84

    Fellow East Coast X riders

    After viewing the "New Hope" thread, I realize there are a bunch of us X riders here on the RIGHT COAST! For those that don't know me, I love to ride many cool places in the west. To afford the expense of the fuel for my motorhome I tow a stacker trailer and haul others bikes to great...
  4. IronButt84

    US Map, how?

    Where do you guys get the US map at? :confused:
  5. IronButt84

    2014 NC700X - Not 750

    It's offical! It's still a 700cc with a few more gadgets. Gear indicator, fuel info such as mpg. Thats it! A CTX1300 & DLX model version. WooHoo! :confused:
  6. IronButt84

    $3.95 Radiator Screen

    Find a small stretch og gutter guard. I found this in a role of 3' aluminum mesh. I held it up to the radiator, slightly bent it at the coners, one at a time, and compleated the bends on a bench with a piece of angle and 2 clamps. Then moved to the next and on the right top side I cut a slit and...
  7. IronButt84

    East Coast Going to Utah - I have room!

    I had 4 of us heading to Utah in Sept for a couple weeks, now I have 2. The plan was to get everybody out there then go do our own thing. Myself and another want to do the lower 1/2 of the UTBRA, camping and all, and then some trail riding out of Moab. I have a big rig and it gets about 7mpg but...