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  1. 670cc

    Honda US site now showing 2021 CRF300L and Rally

    I noticed changes to the American Honda US motorcycle web site today. CRF250s were replaced by the 300s.
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    Garmin 396LMT GPS review

    Here is a first impression review of my newly acquired Garmin zumo 396LMT GPS. It was on sale for $229, so at that price I bought one to try out. Background: I have been using Garmin brand GPS units since they were hand held single receiver multiplexed units with no maps. The first one was a...
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    What did you do to/with your other motorcycle/scooter/trike today?

    Some people have two-wheel or three-wheel riding machines other than the Honda NC series. Here is a place to post about what you did to or with those machines today!
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    2021: What did you do to/with your NC700/NC750 today?

    It’s a new year, and a new thread for: What did you do to/with your NC700/NC750 today?
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    Top loading possible on Givi Trekker side cases?

    I’m planning a longer NC trip soon and shopping for some different side cases. I have SW-Motech racks that mount Givi/Kappa Monokey cases. Over many years of experience, I have learned that I very much prefer top loading sides cases, not the split suitcase style. The current choice in top...
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    Riding near Jasper, Arkansas August 3-6, 2020

    The weather forecast for Jasper, Arkansas next week predicts daily high temperature In the upper 70s (F) with dewpoint in the 50s. It looks like a rare break from summer heat, so I will be heading that way to ride on Monday through Thursday. On Friday, the temperature gets up in the 80s so I’ll...
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    We still have motorcycling . . .

    Along with restaurants and schools, the state parks are now closed. That means no camping or boating locally. Sigh. The only permitted activity soon to be left will be motorcycling. At least we have that. 9
  8. 670cc

    SOLD: 2012 NC700X passenger seat, damaged cover

    I have for sale a passenger seat from a 2012 NC700X. The hardware, base, and foam are in good shape, but a piece of the cover is damaged. See photos. Perhaps it could be of use to someone building a custom seat or installing an aftermarket seat cover anyway. I'll let it go for just $5 to cover...
  9. 670cc

    Adding bar rise beyond 2"

    This past weekend I finally got around to extending my NC700X handlebar rise beyond 2" (50mm). The limitations for going beyond 50mm are the lengths of the clutch, throttle, and electrical cables, as well as the front brake hose. Note in my example the bike is a non ABS, manual transmission...
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    2020: What did you do to/with your NC700 today?

    It’s a new year and a new What did you do to/with your NC700 today?thread!
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    Sold!: HONDABIKEPRO Skidplate, for NC700X manual trans

    For sale is a used HONDABIKEPRO skid plate that fits manual transmission 2012-2015 NC700X. I had it mounted on a 2012 model. It may or may not fit on a 2016+ NC700X/NC750X, but I have no way to verify that. Does not fit any DCT model. Also, this is the standard style HBP skid plate, not the...
  12. 670cc

    Random thoughts on tire changing

    Today I expanded my tire mounting skills by mounting tires on 17” alloy minivan wheels. I used the same machine I use for motorcycle wheels (modified Harbor Freight tire changer), so as not scratch the rims. My findings are that car tires, at least higher profile ones, are super easy to mount...
  13. 670cc

    Arkansas ride, 10/5-10/9/2019

    I’m thinking of doing a ride on the NC700X to northern Arkansas, around 10/5-10/8/2019. I’ll tent camp at Shady Oaks, near Harrison, AR. I like to ride the two laners in that area, eat at the Oark store, etc. If anyone else wants to join in, just holler.
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    Seat Concepts, version 2.0

    Back 5 years ago, when Seat Concepts came out with their NC700X kit, I ordered one right away, and installed it myself. It was about the first after market seat option available for the NC. I found the seat to be too wide, too hard, and it raised the seat height more than I liked. One good...
  15. 670cc

    2018 CB500X test ride

    Here is the next installment in my Honda demo truck mini reviews. This morning I took a ride on the 2018 CB500X. I don’t know why the Honda truck brought a 2018 and not the upgraded new model. As I said, this is a mini review so I’ll just hit the high points. Most importantly, I just love...
  16. 670cc

    WTB: Stock NC700X seat, any condition.

    I’d like to buy a stock 2012-2015 NC700X seat for cheap. I don’t care about the cover or the foam condition as I’ll just be throwing them away. I really just want the stock seat pan for which to build a new seat upon. Let me know if you want to get rid of an unneeded stock seat. Thanks.
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    NC750X fuel octane recommendation?

    In order to help me pick a fight with a magazine editor, can someone with a USA model NC750X tell what the Honda owner’s manual recommends for fuel octane, along with it’s octane measurement method? I assume it’s 86 or better, using the R+M/2, or Anti-Knock Index methods common in the U.S. The...
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    Alaska, British Columbia, Alberta ride in 2019?

    Hi all, I'm in the early stages of planning an Alaska Highway, Alberta, British Columbia sort of ride this summer. I'm not so much planning to go deep into Alaska, or ride the Dalton Highway, but seeing the Canadian Rockies and touching Alaska is my main focus. I'd be originating from the...
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    Hillbilly Hangout, 2019

    ******EVENT CANCELLED. SEE POST #11.***** I’m posting to judge interest in a Hillbilly Hangout event for 2019. This would be about year number 6 for this event, but last year’s was cancelled due to lack of interest. Prior years had attendance of around 8-14 people. The Hillbilly Hangout...
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    What is your favorite color for the NC700/NC750?

    We must be getting bored this winter, as there is an increased interest in polls. Here is an updated poll thread for NCX color preferences. Enjoy! Sorry, I know that there are rare colors offered in some markets, such as yellow and dull green. I couldn't remember or list them all.