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    2012 nc for sale

    Hate to see such a great bike go but life has changed and time isn't available. See my craigslist ad for the details. Bike is in southeast Indiana. 2012 Honda NC700X - motorcycles/scooters - by owner - vehicle automotive bike sale
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    5600 mile trip begins tomorrow

    Tomorrow (4/29/13) my dad and I will be leaving for our 3rd of the four corners of the lower 48. Dad will be on his vtx 1800 and I'll be on the nc. Should be a pretty good test of the new Corbin seat. Put some PR3s on for the trip (couldn't wait to get the stock metzlers off). Here is a pic from...
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    fender cracked after installing extender

    I installed the fender extender over the winter. I took the fender off, cleaned it well and allowed it to dry. I used the adhesive supplied with the extender and drilled two holes and put stainless bolts through. The black caps go under the bolt head (like a washer and then cover the bolt). I...
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    Tires on Amazon

    I ordered a set of Michelin Pilot Road 3 from Amazon on Thursday afternoon. I had looked around and Amazon had the best price. Their price was only about $1.50 cheaper (total), but I'm a prime member and 2 day shipping was free on both tires. I was surprised to find the tires on my door step on...
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    Silver paint

    Has anyone found any spray paint (for plastic) that matches the silver of the nc? I'm looking to paint the gloss black pieces on my Givi v35s
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    Anybody else get a survey about the NC?

    Got a 4 page survey in the mail today, wondered if anyone else got this?
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    Little help from the other side of the pond

    I'm looking for a little parts help from outside the US. I have a '13 Honda CRF250L that has amber turn signal lenses. I saw a website that has clear lenses with all new housings and wiring. i don't need all that. If someone is willing to go to a dealer and see if clears are available and let me...
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    Contacted Sargent seats

    I contacted Sargent about a time line for an nc seat. Below is the response I got. If anyone is at all interested email them to show there is more interest. You can email: [email protected] First I would like to thank you for contacting Sargent Cycle Products! Unfortunately, we...
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    What is the point of the new tag

    Just wondering why in the left author info space did "Total Contributions For:" appear. It is really no one else's concern if another member chooses to support the site or not or to what extent. Maybe its just me, but just because someone has given more money than another member doesn't mean...
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    for those in the US looking for clear lenses

    I stopped by my dealer today to see if they were able to order the European spec front and rear signal lenses that are smoked clear with an amber bulb behind them. They were not able to order them. I got to looking at the clear lenses on the rear of a CBR1000R. They looked very similar. Out came...
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    mounting givi monokey cases (pics)

    Let me start by stating I am no expert. I like the looks of the Honda bags and trunk, but already had all the monokey luggage GIVI V35 - Side hardbags GIVI E55 TECH - Cases & Top Cases plus I read here that you have to cut part of the fairing to fit the Honda stuff. With the Givi stuff I put...
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    What are achievements and awards???

    After reading quite a bit on here I see achievements and awards under the user name. Can someone explain these? I'm not a post ho and would rather people be worried about the quality of their post than how many posts they can make. Maybe it's just me but the "I don't have any clue what the...
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    Oil filter size?

    For those of you that have done an oil change could you please verify the oil filter size. Is it the standard oil filter size that Honda seems to use on about everything recent? If it is the list below are acceptable filters. Read up the Honda filters are not the best available [5] These...
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    newbie in in

    Just wanted to stop in and say hi. Been riding since 97. Picked up a nc700x on saturday. My main ride up to this was a 2007 vfr (which I'm keeping for solo riding). So far I have really enjoyed this bike. Center stand will be in on Tues. I will post a how to for those of you wanting to put one on.