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    Avon TrailRider

    Pirelli Scorpion Trail IIs about worn out after 5500 miles or so; and Avon finally making a fitment for the NC that ain't a supermoto; I'll be making the switch. Tyres: AV53 front and AV54 rear have arrived, they'll be spooned on as soon as I've squeezed the last little bit out of the Pirellis.
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    New bike

    It took almost year from the time I found this forum, but two 2012 NC700X bikes finally found their way to Route 66 Motor Sports in Kingman, Ariz. (also Mother Road Harley-Davidson). Someone else got the first one, the second one came home with me last night. Thank you all for your help. It...
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    Dirt Roads

    Does anyone ride an NC700X on dirt roads?
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    Hello from Kameltaz

    I’m from the Tri-state area of Arizona, California and Nevada. I’m male, 6’4”, 270 lbs., pushing 60, commute daily on a Suzuki Boulevard C50 and ride a KLR650 on the weekends. You can tell by those choices I’m not usually an ‘early adopter’ but in the case of the NC700X might make an exception...