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    Saturday Adventure !!.

    Hello DanH, I had a similar trouble on a moutain road during a trip, too much pressure on the front lever, the road was very steep and unstable material. So I let the bike gently lie down. Problem : I was unable to put alone the bike on the wheels, I had to find some help in the next...
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    Who is a good lady to ride on the back seat of your motorcycle?

    With my lady I must be a little be soft with the machine. She doesn't like heavy gas opening and heavy braking (even with the NC !!!). But two years ago she was absolutely opposite to the idea of a motorcycle. Now whe progress. Slowly, but whe progress. In may I had a trip (alone) through...
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    Tips for travelling in Switzerland

    Thank you Happy Joe, for your private answer and then now for these publics advices. I prepare a trip to Croatia for the next week, infortunately I don't have the time to ride on small roads and have to take the motorway. But I will try to find a week-end next months to have a ride on the...
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    What are your cold weather riding necessities? Anti Fog that works for me.

    I use a Franck Thomas winter jacket and waterproof/warm Bering pants. Helmet with a pin lock, but after some time it doesn't work very well. Leather boots, silk socks and warm soles, winter gloves or ordinary gloves with silk gloves. The silk material works very well. For middle or long...
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    What's your favorite pocket knife or Multi- tool

    The most versatile pocket knife I use is a Leatherman Super Tool I bought in Folkston, GA in 1998. In the same fishing and hunting shop I bought a "Gator" from Gerber. But the Leatherman is not realy a pocket knife. I use to carry him in my luggages or in my car when I go somewhere. Now I will...
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    NC700, Hot-hatch of the motorcycle world?

    Comming back to the first question... Here in France, since approx 25/30 years, almost all the car drivers are used to buy diesel motors, first reason the convenient price of the gas (the diesel is cheaper), and the fact that is economical in therm of mpg. I think the NC is innovative in...
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    What mtorcycle did you use for your driving test?

    It was last year on a Yamaha XJ6. With the Yam it was possible to circle on minimal gas, with the NC I have to play with clutch and gas to do the same. B.R.
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    The art of downshifting...

    Very good idea and funny to practice ! B.R.
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    passenger comfort

    No complaint from my wife after an 2 hours trip, I installed a givi trekker 45l with back rest for her comfort, she felt comfortable leaning on the back rest or near me. No complaint about the back seat, if necessary whe will modify it after a more long trip. The front seat was modified, the...
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    nc700x fashion model

    Very nice shots ! B.R.
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    Other than Hondabikepros external fuel storage.

    I am looking with attention on this post, what do you think about something like this : Jerrican 5 L rouge This kind of tank can be easily fixed with bungees on the top of the rack I have on my Givi Trekker. My idea is that in case of a fall the tank is properly fixed and won't move, even...
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    Givi trekker luggage

    Hi, my X is equiped with Givi Trekker and made them installed when I ordered the bike. I choose this model for the appearance and (I suppose) because in a square shape you can put more stuff than in a round shaped one. I bought the top case and side luggages, the idea was to make long trips...
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    Where do you like to keep your RPMS

    When I am in a flow of traffic, I usually cruise beetween 2.5/3 K, low revs, in french whe say "un filet de gaz", it means a very small amout of throttle open at stabilized speed. When the traffic is calm like today (no working day in Alsace/France today) I ride more funny, say 4.5/6. A 60...
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    Maybe there is something not realy clear in my explanations. I used the battery poles to connect my fuses, plus the wiring for the additionnal lights installed by my dealer when I ordered the bike. Actually, there are three aditionnal lugs connected on each pole of the battery. So there...
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    Hi ! Being very busy at the moment I finaly found a couple of hours to install a battery charger and a cigarette lighter plugs in the frunk : The plugs are connected in parallel and protected by a 5 Amps fuse. I install one spare fuse boxe in case of need of another accessorie in the future...
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    Problem with inserting key into ignition lock

    There are similar problems reported in NC700 forums in France, very weak and bent keys, and at the moment, some people with the lock blocked by cold or ice comming from humidity and strugling to start. I bought a kind of key spray, used it on my car, home key, and NC. But noticing that the...
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    Any new trips (long) planned for 2013? Strictly only NC700 please.

    If you do that, contact me via the forum, I am located 40 km shouth of Colmar, if I am here we can meet, have a ride and and a restaurant. For my personal projects, I want to go to the north part of Croatia next may, maybe go down south. I have two weeks free, but decisions should be taken...
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    Where stands your "fear line"?

    Training courses exists in France, but before i would make my own experience, if not for a very long time, at least a few Well, but when the weather was a little bit better, i observed the "chicken strips" on my tyre, and timidely but shurely, the width decrease.:rolleyes: Another thing i...
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    Where stands your "fear line"?

    Interresting point. At the moment, being a new motorcycle driver, I'a m on a lower point on the learning curve. Cold temperatures (so tyres temperature) doen't help to experience the lean limits. The moutain roads near my location are partially closed or there is a risk of remainig snow or...
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    User Names

    "Black Rider" was the name I choose years ago in a forum dedicated to black powder firing guns. I continue to use it. Is the tittle of a music piece of Tom Waits too. My NC and complete winter equipment are black. The name fits. B.R.