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    2016 Coolant Leak :(

    So my 2016 NC700x DCT has got a coolant leak :( Its not gas and it’s not oil and it smells like antifreeze and it’s come if from somewhere near the cooling loop. I first noticed it on the right side but theres wetness on the left side as well. The radiator itself appears dry. So I’m thinking...
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    Installed Givi S250 Toolboxes...

    I installed the Givi S250 toolboxes on my 2016 NC700X. Here is what I used to have, some tool tubes held on with zip ties, duct tape and bubble gum: Installation was anything but smooth, the toolbox brackets did not play nice with the outback trekker sidecase racks. After trying to follow...
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    Tank Grips for 2016-2017

    I was looking to add tank grips and all the kits out there are 2012-2015. Then I found this: STREETBIKE KIT - VOLCANO - 0129 I ordered some.
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    I locked my key in the frunk, OR how to defeat the frunk lock!

    So after 2 years and 13,000 miles, I managed to lock my key in the frunk. I don't know how it happened, wasn't paying attention. Had the key in my hand with all my other frunk junk and was sorting things and the wind blew it closed. 300 miles away from home and no cell signal. Only a few tools...
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    RaceTech Gold Valve Emulators and Springs...

    Postman delivered relief for my shoulders and back: So I've been scouring the threads trying to find out where to start tuning with the RaceTech Gold Valve Emulators. The install isn't a big deal and I have no problem drilling stuff. [emoji1] I weigh about 200 lbs all geared up, and...
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    2017 nc700x

    Looks like Honda's website has been updated to the 2017. Body panels are RED and the MSRP price is $200 more than the 2016.
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    Change oil now or in the spring?

    Winter is coming. :( So is my 8,000 mile service. (7,700 miles on the clock since mid May.) Should I change out the oil now or let it sit in the garage (heated) with the current oil until spring? I last changed it at the 600 mile service.
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    Fousey's new NC paint job....

    This is the guy who crashed the AT awhile back and got an NC700 replacement. So his bike has been 'stolen' for awhile in his blogs and I guess it finally showed up.... Check it out... Might want to turn your volume off/down, the guy is annoying.
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    Dropping Front Forks

    So I want to drop the front forks to install race tech gold valves etc... Will I be able to do this with the bike on the center stand, wheel removed, and no additional lifting of the front for clearance? Or do I have to pull the cap, spacer, spring, siphon out oil, collapse fork, loosen...
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    Motorcycling is Expensive

    Getting into riding for the first time or after a long hiatus can be expensive. Just thought I'd share my motorcycle expense ledger from the last year or so. Most of these things were purchases spread out over two years, used, on sale, etc... I bought a lot of the riding gear before I...
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    Givi Trekker 1111KIT / 1111FZ - 2016

    So good news and bad. It don't fit. This pannier looks sweet right? Unfortunately, the 1111FZ and 1111KIT used to mount it won't clear the back plastics. This thing: So I pulled them off and mounted anyway. Who needs plastic! It needs another inch or so of width to clear the plastic...
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    What Tank Bag for the 2016?

    I did a search and found some threads and I believe the general consensus is that tank bags are either 1) not needed (frunk!) or 2) don't fit well (impede frunk opening / need metal tank.) I got several camping trips and rallies planned for late summer (anyone going to Central ADV Rally?) and I...
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    Honda Sales Event - 2016 NC700X @ %2.99 until 6/30/2016

    So I have a web page change watcher on the 2016 NC700X for announcements and changes to the accessory / options list etc... Now they're offering their usual summer financing deal if you have excellent credit.
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    2016 Oil, Oil Filter Change Part Numbers and Prices (incl. DCT)

    I recently did the 600 mile first service on my 2016 NC700XD. I like to wrench on my vehicles myself, and if you do too, here's what you need to buy / know: ItemPricePart NumberDescription Honda GN4 10W-30 Oil$27.95 Oil Drain Bolt...
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    The 2016 Seat

    I'm not having any issues with the 2016 seat. It's textured and not slippery. Has a good enough cushion: But I've only ridden it 60 miles... Mostly parking lot maneuvers and some highway, and I'm used to mountain bike seats. :) We'll see how it goes. So far so good. Sent from my iPhone...
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    NC700X 2016 Accessories & Prices

    Honda just updated their website with a list of accessories for the 2016: 2016 NC700X Accessories - Honda Genuine Accessories - Honda Powersports Some of the parts numbers are the same as the 2015 (eg centerstand, relay kit) while others are not, eg (subharness, lightbar)
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    I finally put a deposit down on a 2016 NC700X DCT ABS...

    After a long fall and winter of test riding various year models and versions of this bike, researching it, even buying on sale farkles etc... I went to the dealer with intent to buy, negotiated a price and put some cash down. They tried hard to get me on a 2015 they wanted to move but when their...
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    2016 Prices Revealed!

    $7499 base model $8099 dct Honda Adventure Bike Models and Prices Released for 2016 Update: Honda's Page ( 2016 NC700X Options - Honda Powersports) has the official price as of right NOW.
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    Underseat space clearance for accessories...

    Hi All, I was wondering how much space (height) is available underneath the seat for the installation of electronic modules and other gadgets that are typically installed there on other motorcycles (eg. next to more traditional battery mounting locations.) I am thinking of installing a GPS...
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    Buy a new old stock 2014 DCT ABS now or wait for 2016?

    Hi All, I've been considering an NC700X DCT ABS as my first motorcycle. I've had my full license since passing MSF back in April, and I have all the gear for safe riding, just no bike. I put the purchase off to pay down some debt over the summer and to research other bikes. There's a...