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  1. D_SC

    Question Have you had your panels off?

    I have de-plasticized my bike and am not looking forward to putting it back together. Honda sure does like fasteners... parts fiche may be helpful
  2. D_SC

    Home made radiator protector/Guard

    I'm into the idea of a mini skid plate but I agree that it's not too smart to use the case/pan as a mount. In a worst case scenario I'd imagine the force of an impact being directed into the engine case rather than a more sturdy frame mounting point.
  3. D_SC

    Torque specs

    Can any one confirm the torque spec for the steering head nut? 109nm 80ftlb ?
  4. D_SC

    Feeler Gauge use for Valve Adjustment

    What I've learned is to be triple sure that I'm getting a good read on the exhaust valves in particular. My method is to: loosen the adjuster screw until the feeler gauge can be easily inserted > adjust to spec > torque (feeler blade still in) > recheck the lash > remove feeler > insert...
  5. D_SC

    Do crashbars protect anything

    In reply to the video- What do you think is the best way to cross that type of slimy stream? Would walking the bike even be an option?
  6. D_SC

    Feeler Gauge use for Valve Adjustment

    My sources say the spec is .17mm IN .28mm EX for a 2012 nc700x
  7. D_SC

    Feeler Gauge use for Valve Adjustment

    I'm known in four states for my feel. :cool:
  8. D_SC

    Highway footpeg under $30

    How are these holding up? I bet some solid rubber isolators could ease vibration Sandwich Mounts | Bobbin Mounts | Rubber Isolators | Cylindrical Mounts | RPM Rubber Parts
  9. D_SC

    Shinko 705

    Right, lets break it down further. I measured the sidewall height on my slightly squared Pilot road 4's 160/60's, unsure of mileage, looks like they could last another 1.5k. From the apex of the tread with a square, caliper, and my eye I measure the total height from bead as 90mm. The tires...
  10. D_SC

    Feeler Gauge use for Valve Adjustment

    I have noticed a relatively wide variance in feeler gauge drag depending on technique. With the blade perpendicular to the valve stem (parallel to the spring retainer) it drags .03mm less than a slightly skewed approach. This is nearly within the +/-.02mm spec but is still annoying to me. I...
  11. D_SC

    2019: What did you do to/with your NC700 today?

    I was planning on returning to Usal in mid October. I had a blast on it with a KLR last October before it closed for the season, your description of it sounds spot on to my experience. I'd like to hear more about the conditions if there is more to tell. It was a very wet season, I have read...
  12. D_SC

    2019: What did you do to/with your NC700 today?

    The hardest way to easily get to the valves. I guess I am doing a few other things along the way, but i'll get to those valves eventually.
  13. D_SC

    IDBDR in August

    Not this time... but give us a taste of the route, or at least a few juicy ADV pictures when you are back! this? Idaho Backcountry Discovery Route (IDBDR) Map & Information Have a great ride!
  14. D_SC

    Engine Fluttering Sound

    Anything else to report since the last update SergeantChuck?
  15. D_SC

    New member welcome thread..

    Hi, I'm a new member. I recently purchased a 2012 nc700x with about 25k miles for $2800. I hope to be touring to Denver with it in September. Honda sure does like their fasteners. To do: Fork service (perished dust seals) fork gators Electrical port installs Ergo improvements (bar...