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    Fork Extension Install How-To Video for the NC700X

    I did the 2" fork extension a long time ago, I didn't notice a huge change in the handling. Honestly I think you would feel a bigger change going to a wider tire up front than the fork extension. I did add to the kickstand as the bike had a serious lean after, also putting the bike on the...
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    DanMoto XG-1 Twin Pipe exhaust

    Well, so far not too impressed with the baffles on my xg-1's. Also not impressed with my ability to make a video. My phone put on the audio damper while doing the video so the already very little difference between baffled and unbaffled becomes impossible to hear. The best I can say about the...
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    battery drain problem - deeply pondered

    (If all of the beemer-haters could just go play in a different thread for a few minutes, I have some information that I think may be helpful to my friends. I’d rather that this simple thread not be turned into another tiring discussion on whether or not I should be allowed to continue to live...
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    DanMoto XG-1 Twin Pipe exhaust

    Well after almost forever of waiting for the arrow link pipe, it should be complete this weekend. Actually getting the system ceramic coated right now. I'll set up a camera and get the bike running with the stock muffler, then the arrow and xg1, then with the baffles installed so everyone can...
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    Drag race DCT vs standard, anybody done it?

    Dresses and purses cause a lot of drag also, on those automatics... :)
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    NC700 - Honda FIT (JAZZ) component sharing

    Now just need some higher compression pistons for some go power. :)
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    DanMoto XG-1 Twin Pipe exhaust

    Took the plunge, got the x1 with the baffles, and ordered an arrow cat replacement pipe. Around $460 total. I'll see if I can make a video with baffles in and out after I get it all installed. Hopefully won't take months to get it.
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    Bought thumbs DanMoto XG-1.

    Found some baffles for it...
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    DanMoto XG-1 Twin Pipe exhaust

    Was looking at the danmoto website earlier and they do sell baffles for the XG-1 pipe. Someone try these out, haven't heard any soundbites with the baffles. I like the look of the XG-1, but don't want that...
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    Trashcan mods

    Thats industrious, or maybe industrial... lol
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    Adjustable Preload Fork Caps

    Don't over think it, the preload compresses the spring, the more preload the more the spring is compressed. The more the spring is compressed the more force is required to overcome the compression and make the spring move, hence the stiffer feel. Less preload=smoother initial movement of the...
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    big bore/stroker kit?

    Agreed, I would be up for trying both of those mods. This chassis with its low center of gravity and another ten horsepower, sounds like a win win to me!
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    My NC has a girlfriend.

    Wow, I glanced at the pictures and didn't realize it was a different bike. Talk about family resemblance... lol
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    Honda Ad ~ Generic

    You have to realize who is saying it. These are guys that build motorcycles that intelligent people don't ride. They are more art than motorcycle. If any of you have ever ridden a hardtail motorcycle then you know what I'm talking about. I've known three people to buy those, and three people...
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    K&N HA-7012 Air Filter

    Your original post said this "Guys, keep in mind K&N filters let in more particles than normal. Many tests have been done and they significantly reduce engine life." You posted one test that shows the K&N passes more dust than some of the other filters. If you read the literature that comes...
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    K&N HA-7012 Air Filter

    I'm still waiting for the facts showing that a K&N leads to shorter engine life. NOTHING you have provided shows that. You stated it as a fact. If you have no proof, then you should say its your opinion, not that there are numerous studies showing degraded engine life.
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    K&N HA-7012 Air Filter

    Feel free to show proof. I've never heard anything that would indicate the filters reduced engine life.
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    Houston, Nana Chou here, we got a problem !

    Keep her happy and she will continue to feed you! Work on the bike when you can and take your time so it looks like it will never get finished. That should keep her happy! :) Ixna on the feeding thing... thats possibly the saddest thing I've ever heard... lol
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    Rox risers installed

    As long as they can slide in the original risers and that bottom nut doesn't hit the triple tree, they should work.
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    Bolt ons and gained HP.

    K&N's can go fifty thousand miles between cleanings. Twelve thousand is nothing for them. At 30k the filter is still oily, and can get all over you when taking it out of the vehicle.