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    Pictures of Various Honda NC700X Saddlebags

    Has anyone put the SW Motech Steel top rack onto a bike that already has Givi Monokey side bags? I'm wondering if the mounting hardware interferes with each other. SW-MOTECH Steel-Rack Top Case Rack Honda NC700X 2011-2015 - RevZilla
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    If there was 1 thing you could change or tell Honda about the NC what would it be?

    And that is what I want. Something a bit more substantial sounding than the stock exhaust in my 2012. I like to be able to hear the bike as well as feel for possible issues/problems.
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    If there was 1 thing you could change or tell Honda about the NC what would it be?

    I'm not trying to say the cliché "loud pipes save lives" BS, just saying Id like it a little louder out of the factory. I know that I can solve these issues with after market purchases. Hell, 99% of the previous comments could be changed with after market purchases. That isn't the point to...
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    If there was 1 thing you could change or tell Honda about the NC what would it be?

    The seat could be a bit more plush and about 1.5" taller for my liking. but that can be taken care of with a new seat. I agree on the turn signals.. I got so mad when trying to put mine on that I just brought it to a shop and paid $250 to have my $40 worth of LED signals put on. I wouldn't...
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    Extra onboard storage

    What about using some sort of Silica like packet in the tube? If it works for Jerky.....
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    Pictures of Various Honda NC700X Saddlebags

    I have run soft bags on mine before and hated them. I hated that they strapped over the rear seat, it made fueling a pain in the butt. I finaly pulled the trigger on some Givi Monokey E21 hard cases. They have been pictured here in a few previous posts by others. I love them! I had my first...
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    hondabikepro products

    Has there been much progress on the Adventure Rack, or did I miss a posting regarding them? The prototype you pictured, looks great. I am very interested in them. Also, would you happen to have anything made up skidplate wise for CB500X? A buddy of mine has one and said he isn't having any...
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    How many time have you dropped your NC and how ?

    My NC has been dropped twice. The first time, some drunk asshat decided that he wanted it more than I did and tried to steel it. In his drunken state, he dropped it and bent my bars pretty bad. The second was only a month or so ago. I was riding some single track and high centered the bike...
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    TURN SIGNALS ?!?!? Aftermarket / Modified......

    Someone decided that they wanted my turn signals for some reason and ripped all four of mine off. So I've picked up some new LED ones. My problem is that I cant seem to get the brake light assembly apart to swap out the lights. There are three nuts inder the brake light and the center one (I...
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    Drunk *** theif!!!

    According to the detective, the way the laws are worded it was a accident. He never stole anything. I was told that if I want restitution, I should file a civil case. Nope, I'm not going to do anything. A civil case with lawyer fees, court fees and lost time at work is far more cost than just...
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    Drunk *** theif!!!

    So last night, some drunk douchebag tried to steal my NC (Yes, it is parked outside. I don't have a garage and live on the 2nd floor of my building and have no choice but to leave it outside). One of my neighbors caught him in the act. He was TRASHED and claiming he was my brother and he is...
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    We Ride Android App

    I tried to use this app today, but I guess it didnt work out. I thought I started a track, but when I made my first stop a couple hours later, it was still stuck on where I turned it on. I hit "Start" but it didnt start. Hmmm Tiem to play with it a bit more. Anyway, I did just shy of...
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    How about a game of NC tag? Its a lot of fun!

    Sorry about that, I figured any statue of a man, the bigger the better. I apologize for the confusion.
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    How about a game of NC tag? Its a lot of fun!

    Not a large cannon. But it's still a cannon... Then, a Rt66 icon, The Golden Driller
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    We Ride Android App

    I just got the app. Fell free to add me. Kevinmc918 I am sending a few friends (that do not own a NC) that I ride with invitations to get the app as well.
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    Local fuel prices.

    I know there are a few threads dedicated to Fuel Economy/Mileage, but I havent seen any threads that mention the cost of fuel per gallon. I am curious about what other members round the nation and the rest of the world. Here in Tulsa Oklahoma, at the QuikTrip by my house the price per...
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    First Tank MPG poor?

    When I bought my bike it had 165 miles on it and had just over half a tank indicated on the gauge. So I only assume it MIGHT have still been on its first tank of fuel. So last Friday when I filled it up (to the metal plate int he filler nozzle) I did the math. I put in 2.9 gallons and was at...
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    Need help with helmet purchase

    Like MZ5 said, worry more about the helmet fitting your head than if it fits in the frunk. My helmet wont fit in the frunk at all since it is a Duel Sport style (elongated for breathing room and has a sun visor mounted to the top). So I just carry it with me or strap it to the bike with a cable.
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    Any new trips (long) planned for 2013? Strictly only NC700 please.

    I plan on leaving Tulsa on July 3rd with a couple of friends and heading up to Yellowstone in Wyoming. It will be me on my NSX and I will be riding with a 750 BMW and a 250 Suzuki Motard (I forget the model). Due to the 250, we will drive up to Denver with the bikes in tow then ride up to...
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    repairing scuffs in the powder coat on the frame

    Powder coating can only be baked on. I think the only way to repair it would be to strip the bike to the frame, grind down the effected area to bare steel, spray the powder on trying to make sure it isnt layred too thick over the old powder and re-bake the frame. I may be wrong though. But...