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  1. Jonathan Curran

    Hello MWS... I too live in Oklahoma...Edmond to be exact. I transferred here from Albuquerque...

    Hello MWS... I too live in Oklahoma...Edmond to be exact. I transferred here from Albuquerque last summer to teach here. That member picture of yours looks more like Albuquerque than Oklahoma... I've got 31,000 miles on my 2012 NC700x. I ride it as a commuter.
  2. new homemade rack and Givi topcase

    new homemade rack and Givi topcase

    I made this rack with 2 brackets from a flatscreen tv, assorted bolts and washers, and plywood. great fun, maybe ghetto, but still fun...and free.
  3. Jonathan Curran

    Hey :)

    Welcome to the wonderful world of 75 miles/gallon and so much fun,,,from Albuquerque, New Mexico!
  4. Jonathan Curran

    New member from italy

    Welcome Italy! A warm greeting to you from the Southwest.(New Mexico). She's a beauty...ride like the wind....
  5. Jonathan Curran

    Even more bag work...

    With the cost of biking accessories, I say why not?! I think it's great and personalizes your NC. Good for you, man.
  6. Jonathan Curran

    Valve Clearance Check

    Thanks for posting your valve adjustment for us all to view. I'll have to pick up the manual and try this myself. I used to adjust my BMWr80rt boxer once/year. This does look even easier. One question- does the valve cover gasket need replacing after you're done? Thanks again and safe and happy...
  7. Jonathan Curran

    A new source for Handguards........:)

    Sleek and stylin'. I like them.
  8. Jonathan Curran

    Traded for a leftover 2012 NCX

    Welcome aboard the NC700x club....I got rid of my 1986BMWr80rt with its 33 mpg and 530 lbs. curb weight for my NC700x and 74 mpg. I also loved the downsize and agility of this bike. Way to go.... It definitely grows on you.
  9. Jonathan Curran

    Welcome Trainman...I hope this site is as useful to you as it is to me....Safe riding.

    Welcome Trainman...I hope this site is as useful to you as it is to me....Safe riding.
  10. 1st out of town Jemez Springs trip

    1st out of town Jemez Springs trip

    On the way to Jemez Springs I stopped at the red rock area called Walatowa on the reservation. Great fun.
  11. Jemez Trip

    Jemez Trip

    This was my first trip out of town on the bike and I took our Slovakian student, who is staying with us for a month, up to Jemez Springs. On the 120 mile trip the bike handled very well with some strong head/sidewinds of about 40mph. We were doing about 70-75. I can see that the seat comfort...
  12. Jonathan Curran

    New soft bags.

    Nice job--It feels good to be outfitted properly. I have enjoyed bags similar to those and hooked on the bike similarly too.
  13. Jonathan Curran

    Hello from the Netherlands

    Welcome from the "Land of Enchantment"--New Mexico. Sorry to hear about your fork issue. Generally they are excellent bikes. I love mine and am getting about 74 miles to the gallon (380 km per tankful). I like the well-balanced feel of the bike at low speeds too. Enjoy!
  14. Jonathan Curran

    Heathen + Valley of the Gods

    "You are all sons of God through faith in Christ Jesus..." Gal. 3:26 I loved your video. I smiled through all of it.
  15. Jonathan Curran

    "Throw Over" Saddle Bags

    Though modest in size, I like the cycle case pair that I placed on the bike. I bent and painted this bar and held it in place with two bungees to help support the bags. So far, so good. They were about $90.
  16. Jonathan Curran

    Stock Seat: Advice on how to live with it please

    I raised the front seat under the tab with 12 metal shims for a 1/4" difference. It helps.
  17. Jonathan Curran

    Best Aftermarket Windscreen (Links to each for comparison)

    For me, the Parabellum was easy to install. The 22" works well for me at 6 feet tall and does not impair any steering at low speed either. At high speed it has held up well for chest protection against gusty winds.
  18. Jonathan Curran

    Greetings all!

    Welcome Jumbo--I went to school in Vermont (Vermont Academy) and grew up in Mass. Enjoy the White Mountains on your bike.
  19. Jonathan Curran

    Noob from ZA

    Welcome from New Mexico. I totally understand your excitement. It's kind of funny how we get so excited about our transportation. I hope you ride safe and happy.