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  1. City Rider

    DIY "Tank" Bag Holder

    Oooo boy, I was contemplating whether to post this or not, but I decided to take one for the sake of development, and I will accept any constructive criticism. Having a couple of shots of Jagermeister did not help much :p. Well, here it goes: I was considering buying a Tank Bag with a tank...
  2. City Rider

    Trip to Traverse City, MI

    This trip took place in September. Speedometer was displaying (cough, cough) KM/H.
  3. City Rider

    2014 vs 2015 US Market NC700X

    When I bought a leftover 2014 NC700X, my dealer did not have the Owners Manual available. Now they are telling me that I could pick up the Owners Manual for the 2015 version. They are stating that technical differences between the two are minimal. Could someone confirm that, since I'm reaching...
  4. City Rider

    Greetings from Chicago

    Hi all, I've just upgraded from a 300cc bike which I rode for a year. It was a great bike, but some recall issues along with the low power/highway twitchiness convinced me to upgrade to NC700X. I’ve got awesome deal on leftover 2014, standard NC. I’m looking forward to go thru the forum and...