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  1. Whiteyez

    Italian Alps 2016

    Here is a video of my recent trip in Italy, 9 days 2350km, enjoy :) .
  2. Whiteyez

    My NC700X on race track
  3. Whiteyez

    Moto Guzzi 36hours endurance trip.

    A small sample of a big endurance trip, 2 days, 36 hours 2000km+ almost non stop driving, not a problem for my NC. :D
  4. Whiteyez

    Hyperpro Street Box

    I just got it in my hands, does anyone else have this? ( need to ask a few things ). I'm going to install this next week.
  5. Whiteyez

    NC700 Honda Stopping Production (?)

    Hello everyone, local honda dealers here in my country are saying that honda is no longer producing the NC700 and it will replace it in 2014 with a new 750cc motorcycle. Can anyone else confirm this?
  6. Whiteyez

    Frunk open button Mod

    Hey guys what do you think about this mod? That's something honda should included in the first place.
  7. Whiteyez

    My 600km+ Trip
  8. Whiteyez

    Dashboard Color Change

    Hello everyone, i was looking at the new CB500X dash and i liked the blue color, does anyone know if its possible to change in our NC700 the led to another color?
  9. Whiteyez

    DNA Air Filter

    DNA known air filter company is now making an air filter for the NC700. NC 700 S/X 12'-13' I'm not seeking for a better performance, but is it possible with this kind of air filters to see a better fuel consumption? Does this void the warranty of the bike?