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    What kind of mileage have you gotten from your dual sport tires?

    Looking to get replacements in another thousand miles or so, just wondering which tires perform well as far as mileage goes...
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    Fork Extension Mod Complete

    Finally got the extenders back, holiday got in the way... Anyway, as far as I'm concerned this mod is a complete success. Got the lift on the front end I wanted and the added ground clearance. It may not have made a huge difference as far as off road potential, but I think it looks much more...
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    Longer mod

    Have been toying with the idea of longer forks. Seems to me it should help a few issues the bike has, at least for me. Raise the handlebars, raise the windscreen, raise the ground clearance at the front of the engine, and solve the seat slope issue. In fact, to me, it almost seems like...
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    Another plus... the bike is easy to pick up :(

    So pulled into a parking lot(night time thank goodness), killed the bike, got off, was going to be gone a while so I wanted to put it on the centerstand. I stepped on the centerstand, rolled back to lift and the bike was in gear and wouldn't go onto the stand. So then I lift my right foot to...
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    Looking for LED driving lights?

    If your like me and can't see ponying up $260+ dollars for the Denali led driving lights, check this link. 10W Heavy Duty Flood LED Work Light Lamp Off Road Car Jeep /Truck/ATV SUV Driving Lamp 10-30V 12V/24V 800Lm 6500K Waterproof : : Automotive The LED store has what looks like...
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    Front suspension upgrade!!

    Saw this today, who is going to be the first to try these progressive rate springs? HYPERPRO : Suspension spring ( Front ) [22012710]
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    Mod Original exhaust?

    Anyone out there mod the original exhaust instead of buying a new one? I modded my VTX exhaust and it turned out great. Just curious if anyone here has attempted to mod it?
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    Soon to be NC700X owner

    Been wanting one since I first read about them online, once the reviews started coming in I wanted it even more. Been waiting to throw the money down since I'm building a house and all my available funds are going towards that, but yesterday I saw an ad on eBay from a dealer in Arkansas that...