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  1. Rainier

    New to Redmond, Oregon. Looking for a riding buddy.

    Haven't been on the bike much for a year: broken ankle is still slowly getting back to normal. Covid means no chance, or scant chance, to meet people. Looking for someone to ride with: day outings, camping, heading to the coast, whatever. PM me if you're in Madras or Bend or Redmond or Sisters...
  2. Rainier

    Brake Pedal Wanted 2012-2015 -- Got it covered! Thanks!

    DCT or Standard, they're all the same PM please.
  3. Rainier

    Wiring an Auxiliary Battery

    Greetings I've recently gained a cPAP machine and am sorting out how to take it with me on the bike on trips. I usually camp and I'm wondering if any of you have done the wiring for an auxiliary battery. (Surgery is not an option: my apnea is both physiological and neurological. Mouth pieces...
  4. Rainier

    Deliver Me From Ignorance: Riding 8 years; how do I judge what's "correct" for me?

    Greetings— I'm newly retired. Have been riding about 8 years, moving from a two-stroke Suzuki to a Honda Nighthawk then a Wee Strom. Three years ago picked up my NC with DCT. Here's the question: Without much experience, how do I judge what good ________ (Fill in the blank) is? For...
  5. Rainier

    Conti - Motions & American Motorcycle Tire

    Just ordered a set of Continental Motions (on Monday) from American Motorcycle Tire. I don't know where their warehouses are, but one must be close. UPS delivered on Tuesday. Total, including shipping, was $143.00 I'm pleased.
  6. Rainier

    Complete Idiot's Guide to Shock Replacement: where would I find it?

    I picked up the highly praised Tuono shock from an Aprilia shop in Texas. Shiny and clean I'm eager to install it. The manual is bare bones. My research shows some of you removed the right side plastics; others didn't. Nowhere has my searching revealed a step by step, do it this way (you...
  7. Rainier

    LED headlight installed and a tail-light question

    Yesterday I installed an LED headlight bulb. I put a pair on my Wee Strom and now have one in the NC. Purchased from ADVMonster, a vendor on ADVRider. Light went in easily, more easily than the 'strom. It is BRIGHT and it draws a whole lot less amps, my main purpose since I wear Warm and Safe...
  8. Rainier

    First thousand miles: questions...

    Greetings-- I'm loving my NC DCT, and after my first couple weeks and 1k+ miles have a few questions: My speedometer, compared to GPS, reads 5-8 MPH fast, depending on speed. Perhaps the previous owner installed larger (smaller?) than stock tires? I've read here that the speedo is quite...
  9. Rainier

    No manual (yet)---A few torque values, please?

    Putting on lowering links (2013 NC700XD) and need torque values for same. Also raising forks a bit: torque to _____ upper and _____ lower? Manual is on order... Many thanks.
  10. Rainier

    Heated Grips + PWM (pulse width modulator) Wiring?

    I decided to try to save some money on a grip heater control. Have Symtec heaters and a gneric PWM from fleabay. PWM has a three wire potentiometer and two leads for output, two for input. Any tips on the best way to wire these two together?
  11. Rainier

    Tutoro Chain Oiler

    I'm moving from my Wee Strom to an NC. I HATE chain maintenance. Previous bike had shaft drive. Researched oilers and settled on the Tutoro. I'll move it from the Wee when the NC arrives. Google "adventuretech" for the US distributor. Great guy. Fabricator for V-Strom add-ons (I'll bet he...
  12. Rainier

    Quick question re: Givi and Honda top case

    I'm about to spring for an NC700XD. My current bike (Wee Strom) has Givi E41 side cases. They're giant and I love having them aboard. My question is about what I'll need to mount Givi racks to the NC with a Honda top case. I understand Givi makes the Honda case. Is that correct? Givi says...
  13. Rainier

    2013 NC700x DCT, 12,XXX miles

    Looking at buying a 2013. First NC. what should I look out for? Weak points? Is 2013 known as a trouble-free model year? Advantages to a 14 or 15? The Collective's reservoir of wisdom is appreciated...