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    Drunk *** theif!!!

    So last night, some drunk douchebag tried to steal my NC (Yes, it is parked outside. I don't have a garage and live on the 2nd floor of my building and have no choice but to leave it outside). One of my neighbors caught him in the act. He was TRASHED and claiming he was my brother and he is...
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    Local fuel prices.

    I know there are a few threads dedicated to Fuel Economy/Mileage, but I havent seen any threads that mention the cost of fuel per gallon. I am curious about what other members round the nation and the rest of the world. Here in Tulsa Oklahoma, at the QuikTrip by my house the price per...
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    New member from Tulsa Oklahoma

    Hi. I'm Kevin. I live in Tulsa, OK. I am picking up my 2012 NC700X from the dealer on Tuesday I am beyond excited to get it. I took it out for a very short test ride on Saturday, got my financing all squared away but just couldn't take it home on the same day. So, I will be calling as soon as...