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  1. Rainier

    Whats the best accessory that you have added to your NC? What do you use the most?

    Being height-challenged, lowering links were the first add-on I installed. Center stand and heated grips tied for second. And I do like my MadStad... Regarding heated gear: I run heated socks, gloves, pants- and jacket-liners without a problem. Voltmeter shows discharge, but still above 12v at...
  2. Rainier

    Camping with CPAP

    Sorry to be so late in doing this. Moving to a new state. Broken ankle slow to heal. Obviously my priorities are screwed up! Let me begin with a few requirements. First, my sleep apnea is both physiological (screwed up pipes) and neurological (the ol’ brain is sending the wrong signals.) I HAVE...
  3. Rainier

    New to Redmond, Oregon. Looking for a riding buddy.

    Haven't been on the bike much for a year: broken ankle is still slowly getting back to normal. Covid means no chance, or scant chance, to meet people. Looking for someone to ride with: day outings, camping, heading to the coast, whatever. PM me if you're in Madras or Bend or Redmond or Sisters...
  4. Rainier

    Brake Pedal Wanted 2012-2015 -- Got it covered! Thanks!

    DCT or Standard, they're all the same PM please.
  5. Rainier

    Wiring an Auxiliary Battery

    It worked without a problem from central washington to Banff and Jasper Alberta, back via Glacier Park etc. 9 days riding. camping all but one night. Everything performed as I hoped.
  6. Rainier

    Camping with CPAP

    Let me find some time. I'm a university prof finishing the semester on line, which I detest. Huge time sucker. Don't have any pics but I can tell you what I did. It does work well for me.
  7. Rainier

    Camping with CPAP

    I wired in a voltage regulated relay and put a spare battery in the frunk. Bought the ResMed 12v adapter. Battery charges while riding. The relay feeds the battery when voltage is above, uh, 13? I tested it for two nights without charging and could have probably done three. I love wiring, so...
  8. Rainier

    Adding a Air Temp Thermometer to your bike.

    I’m cheap. bought a Chinese temp gauge with blue LED, wired so it’s on with ignition. (Found the gauge on that auction site.) I find blue works better than red in sunlight. YMMV Mounted the sensor forward under the “fairing.” It reads hot from engine heat after sitting, but <1-2 miles and it’s...
  9. Rainier

    Mounting Tusk Panniers

    Givi rack worked for my Tusk s too. But I had Givi cases which leaked, so I kept the rack, got the Tusks. Do the exhaust side first when mounting the boxes, as stated above. Measure twice, then measure again before drilling. An extra pair of hands when situating can prove beneficial. While...
  10. Rainier

    Swing a leg over your bike.....short in the leg Steve

    Re lowering. I too am of short inseam. My 2013 is lowered with some links a friend made in his metal fab shop—he has a water cutting machine and made me the size I wanted. I also put in a CBR 600 shock which both improved ride and handling and lowered another .5 inch. It’s still tall for me, but...
  11. Rainier

    National Cycle VStream Windshield for 2012-2015 NC700X - 22†LRG Clear $175

    Might you provide the model number, please?
  12. Rainier

    Valve Adjustment Step-By-Step

    I'm no wizard when it comes to wrenching, but I sure do love doing it. Every job takes me a long time since I see it as a chance to perfect the gift of patience. I've learned to slow down and make sure I'm not missing something. Having a guide like this, with just the right amount of...
  13. Rainier

    Wiring an Auxiliary Battery

    Got it done. Used a $30 Amazon "voltage sensitive relay"--VSR-- installed under the right hand side fake air vent storage space. Thee's an SAE two lead bulkhead plug in the frunk( from the VSR) into which a mating SAE connection from the battery in the frrunk. The VSR sends power to the...
  14. Rainier

    Rider Magazine April 2019 Issue

    I ride a 2013 DCT. No thousand mile days but lots of 600 to 800. I’ve never yearned for more power. I’m short, so find the stock windscreen OK, but an aftermarket screen would be better. The seat is a weak spot, but I’m too cheap to replace. SHEEPSKIN is the hot item for me doing longer days...
  15. Rainier

    Heated Accessories

    My 2013 DCT has heated grips and LED driving lights. I wear heated socks, pants, jacket and gloves. Run a phone-as-GPS plugged into bike power. No problems. Voltmeter stays above 13 with all that stuff running.
  16. Rainier

    Wiring an Auxiliary Battery

    GregC--The cPAP manufacturer (ResMed) is quite happy to sell me a 12v to the required 24v convertor for $95.00. $65.00 on Amazon if I were a doctor. (I asked my brother, an MD, if he could order it. His office doesn't have an Amazon account.) There are guys on ADVrider using a deep-charge...
  17. Rainier

    Wiring an Auxiliary Battery

    Thanks, guys, for the ideas/suggestions/observations/ideas. I figure a deep charge battery, 18 Ah, should do the trick (basing this on others' experience, mainly from ADVrider). I don't foresee difficulty in wiring the switch/relay/separator gizzie (<-- technical name, there) but I'm uncertain...
  18. Rainier

    Wiring an Auxiliary Battery

    One other question Oops. I forgot to mention something that might be important. I ride a 2013 DCT. I know the DCT is finicky about battery power. Do any of you electrical wizards think charging an auxiliary battery, through a voltage regulated isolator, will be a problem for the DCT...
  19. Rainier

    Wiring an Auxiliary Battery

    Greetings I've recently gained a cPAP machine and am sorting out how to take it with me on the bike on trips. I usually camp and I'm wondering if any of you have done the wiring for an auxiliary battery. (Surgery is not an option: my apnea is both physiological and neurological. Mouth pieces...
  20. Rainier

    Anyone running Heated Gear?

    DRDUBB Can’t recall exactly but I think it was the running lights