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  1. ziggie

    moonshine run

    anyone going? Moonshine Lunch Run - Home
  2. ziggie

    Kawasaki ergo fit bike

    I'm not much of a kawaski fan but this new ergo fit valcan s might be something different.
  3. ziggie

    survival bike anyone?

    Survival ? Motoped This thing is kewl,would be a fun toy.
  4. ziggie

    Grom recall

    I know a few has one,thought I would pass along.Honda Recall for 2014 Grom & Forza Models - Motorcycle USA
  5. ziggie

    300 million Hondas made

    And I have one . Honda Reaches 300 Million Motorcycles Milestone with Gold Wing 40th Anniversary Model - autoevolution
  6. ziggie

    Scrambler named most beautiful bike at show.

    I have been watching these bikes daily,my 700x needs a friend. Ducati Scrambler Named Most Beautiful Bike of EICMA 2014 » News
  7. ziggie

    On any Sunday,the next chapter

    In movie theater's November. On Any Sunday, The Next Chapter Coming Soon - Motorcycle USA
  8. ziggie

    Never to old

    This guy is 70 years young,only been riding for a year. Alaska Bound On A Burgman | Woods Cycle Country Blog
  9. ziggie

    You are never to old to ride.

    This guy is 70 years young,and only been riding for a year. Alaska Bound On A Burgman | Woods Cycle Country Blog
  10. ziggie

    New kind of brake light modulator

    Technological Advances in Brake Light Modulators
  11. ziggie

    Deer fall from the sky now.

    Have to watch all directions around here. Deer take fatal plunge in Athens County | News Radio 610 WTVN
  12. ziggie

    2014 Indy best slow motion

  13. ziggie

    Island of man

    They race sleds now?this is a great vid.
  14. ziggie

    Ncx going to the repair shop

    Noticed this buzzing noise the other day when clutch pulled in or slowing down.put up on center stand and noise coming from front sproket.turned wheel and it is more like a grinding noise.looked at sproket,no metal anywhere and sproket and teeth look good.I'm thinking stones or something in...
  15. ziggie


    I have a question for the folks who live in Tenn or area.we have been looking at houses in the Dayton,Cleveland area.are these a nice area ? What are schools like and the winters?from Google maps Dayton looks to be in the hills where we are looking which is fine with me.I have vacation at the...
  16. ziggie

    Ohio bike week

    Is anyone going? Ohio Bike Week Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
  17. ziggie

    Ribs anyone?

    I made up a rub and let them soak over night.cook on grill with hickory wood chunks.nothing but goodness.
  18. ziggie

    Removing front chain sprocket cover question.

    I want to get a look at the front chain sprocket,check for wear,clean the chain lube question is the manual book says to replace the gearshift pinch bolt with a new one after I remove you folks do this or just use the same one? I don't see a reason to replace it.
  19. ziggie

    Ready, set,fail

  20. ziggie

    Bic lighter bikes.

    Thought this was kewl.this guy took 2 lighters and made these,no other parts but the lighters .