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  1. Naked_Duc

    Auxiliary Light Idea. Feedback?

    I have added some cheap 18W 6" spot lightbar off Amazon to my NC700X to increase visibility during dark winter commute (in Seattle area). I mounted the LED on a home-made bracket right below the headlights/baby beak. It's wired right to the battery with a 3-pin switch on the left mirror stem...
  2. Naked_Duc

    PIF: NC700X DCT Rear Brake Pads

    Apparently the rear brake pads for manual is different than that of DCT. Didn't know until the brake pads arrived and I couldn't make them fit. Had to purchase a new set. If you have a DCT model and in need of new rear brake pads, they are yours. Just pay actual shipping. They are made...
  3. Naked_Duc

    Losing One Cylinder

    Weird thing happened on the way to work today. Engine all of sudden lost some power and exhaust tone started to sound like a thumper (similar to the CBR1250R I used to have). So immediately I thought I had lost a cylinder. I could still manage to ride along. Luckily, the traffic was heavy so...
  4. Naked_Duc

    Wrong Way A-Hole Driver, YOU SUCK!

    Well, I thought I never had to post about stuff like this. But it did happened this past Tuesday during the evening commute home. Idiot wrong way driver took me out... I was heading home on my NCX. Just got off the freeway and onto the local street. As I approached the first big...
  5. Naked_Duc

    Used Honda Grom Prices?

    I've noticed quite a few Groms popping up on Craigslist locally. Don't know why they are all of a sudden showing up. Maybe the novelty factor is wearing out. Anyway, I thought it might be a fun little bike to ride around town, bring alone on a RV trip, or just for sh*ts and giggle...
  6. Naked_Duc

    Africa Twin Ride Video

    Honda might have a winner here with the Africa Twin. See the video here: - africa-twin/. advrider seems to be on fire, too, raving about it.
  7. Naked_Duc

    New Mirros Needed. *Sigh*

    I got to install the emulator and change the oil on the NCX this week. In the process, I had to put the bike on stands and suspending it with straps to remove the forks, etc. In all that back and forth, like an idiot, I accident tip the bike over. It was a very slow tip over and bike...
  8. Naked_Duc

    Record-Breaking Day - 3.646 Gallons over 263 Miles

    I don't know if it's a game I like to play in my head or it's just OCD but I just love to calculate how much fuel I have left in the tank at the end of the work week. My commute is now 46 miles/day round trip and that would equal to about 230 miles per week, plus a little more for side trips...
  9. Naked_Duc

    First Time Out on Dirt

    First Time Out on Dirt - with Follow up UPDATE WITH FOLLOW UP TRIP I knew before I bought the NC700 that it's not an true "Adventure" bike. It's a standard bike with upright / adventure-ish ergo. But in comparison to my other sporty bike, the NC700X is more comfortable and more "capable"...
  10. Naked_Duc

    Honda Tall Shield and its "Rubber Thingy"

    I was messing around with the Honda tall windshield over the weekend and decided to change how the MRA x-creen is mounted. I used the "bolt on" method initially. Due to the shape and the contour of the windshield, I had to bolt the x-creen several inches below the top edge, resulted in 1/3 of...
  11. Naked_Duc

    Dalton HWY - NC700X + XS650?

    I am planning a trip up to Deadhorse, AK in a couple of years. I'd be taking the NC700X and have began acquiring parts and accessories for the trip. One of my buddy is shopping for a bike, I will likely steer him toward a KLR or a mid-size BMW or similar. The 3rd person on the trip has a 1981...
  12. Naked_Duc

    411 on Rear Rack

    I am looking to add a rear rack to the NCX, for a possible top case or just bolting down board for tying down a dry bag. Just wondering what your thoughts or experience are with your rear rack. How is the strength and durability? I am also curious on compatibility issue when used with other...
  13. Naked_Duc

    Oxford Adventure Heated Grips Installed

    I have collected a few accessories for winter commuting but hadn't had time to put them in. After a long week at work, I was in dire need of some alone time; some moto-therapy time in the garage. I got an afternoon to myself and installed the Oxford heated grips. I also wired up an accessory...
  14. Naked_Duc

    2015 Versys 650 - another NCX Challenger?

    2015 Kawasaki Versys 650 Photos Leak Ahead of INTERMOT Pretty nice looking and look to have some nice suspension bits. Versys and the Wee-Strom are gunning for the NCX?
  15. Naked_Duc

    Check Engine Ligth and Dash Flickering

    Here's a bit of back story: I had just purchased a heated jacket liner over the weekend. I wired the power chord to the battery and tested it out during the Monday AM commute. Everything worked as it should. Today (Tuesday) AM is the second day testing it. I had turned on the liner right...
  16. Naked_Duc

    Honda Tall Windscreen Reinstalled

    Honda Tall Windscreen Reinstalled for More Height I have had the Honda Tall windscreen with MRA x-creen for the past year. It's barely tall enough to direct wind to the top of my helmet (5'7", 30" inseam). I also like having the wind screen rack, which adds more stability. So far, I've been...
  17. Naked_Duc

    Tire Recommendation for Commuting and Light Off-road

    Looking for recommendation on which tires for my NC700X. In past, I've bought Michelin Pilot Road and Condi Motion for my street bike. I've been very happy with them. Now with the NC700X, I am looking to replace the OEM with something that can handle both commuting (40 miles daily, rain or...
  18. Naked_Duc

    Painting Heltmet in Hi-Viz?

    Has anybody tried to paint your helmet a different color? There are only a select few helmet manufacturers that make helmets for my head shape. So my selection is limited. There is one helmet that I am thinking about getting but it doesn't come in Hi-Viz. I am thinking about getting a white...
  19. Naked_Duc

    Check Your Tire Pressure

    Checking tire pressure is something that I should be doing more often but I don't. Going forward, I might make it as part a routine when I lube the chain. After a long colder-than-usual winter in the PNW and a record breaking wet March, I finally got around to wash the NCX and give the chain...
  20. Naked_Duc

    Nissan Leaf

    As of last night, we are the proud owner of the Nissan Leaf. It is our 3rd Nissan we've bought, all first owner. The very 1st was a '94 Altima that my wife bought while she was in school. It lasted 17 years and 225K. It was still running well, returning 24 mpg, when we donated it. Whether...