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  1. OldJeff

    Forum viewing Styles?

    Is it just me? But the style format has gone bonkers, the default has gone almost full text only and the classic Grey Fluid is not easy to use and not very pretty.
  2. OldJeff

    It's Bama week!

    Here in Arkansas, AlaDAMNbama is headed to Fayttenam for a 5pm college football showdown with the Razorbacks. I've invited Bamamate over to watch the thrashing that the Hogs will put on his beloved pink elephants. :D But I'm not sure Matt is a real Bama fan, he is WAY too intelligent and...
  3. OldJeff

    Skully helmet pre release order for May 2015

    SKULLY 1400 bucks is a bit steep for me :) but it's a pretty cool helmet.
  4. OldJeff

    The Arkansas Tail of the Dragon

    Highway 123 From Lamar to Sand Gap. Saturday was cool and damp, my original plan was to take 10 out to 7, then north on 7, then 64 into Lamar, but the roads were WET, so I hit the freeway and blew thru to the Lamar exit on 40 from Little Rock. And I do mean Blew Thru, caught a vette (barely :)...
  5. OldJeff

    Freud asked, "What does woman want?"

    :D I think we already know this, but now there's proof! Study: Women who ride are happier, more fulfilled -
  6. OldJeff

    A little shopping trip

    Or a Veteran's Day Ride. Weather reports indicated a mild fall day, lows in the mid 40's, high of 70, partly cloudy and low winds. Perfect! :D I had recently added Kuryakyn highway pegs and throttle lock, plus the 20 dollar Trackside handguards, but hadn't had a chance to really test them...
  7. OldJeff

    Chat Room

    I'm not sure why the Admin didn't post about this new forum feature, but I think it might be a good tool for us to arrange some impromptu rides. What do ya think? :D The link to it is on the top bar. It does want to install a add-on, but seems ok.
  8. OldJeff

    Lunch with Sgt. Chuck

    Finally saw my first NCX in the wild and got to have lunch with it's rider :D Met up with Chuck where he worked, chatted a bit, then headed over the Cotham Mercantile for some good old southern country cooking. Cotham's is famous! Go eat a Hubcap I dare ya! We swapped war...
  9. OldJeff

    Monkey Butt

    Pretty sure this post will get deleted by the mods :D Guys, how do deal with Monkey Butt? Esp. us guys in the south, it's hot out, you're sitting on a heat source and heat rises. It's gonna happen and you know it. And to make it worse the NCX seems to love pushing you and the boys into the...
  10. OldJeff

    I am RAINMAN

    I've been playing the odds for several weeks now with Arkansas evening rainstorms. My luck ran out today :D This was not just rain, this was a gully washing monsoon with 6 inch deep puddles in some places. The NCX handled it just fine, not one shimmy, just straight and true the whole way. I like...
  11. OldJeff


    Got to test the stopping power of the NCX yesterday. I was following a old Datsun truck and a fool ran a stop sign to get in front of the truck and cut off both of us. So we braked hard, then got back up to speed going about 50 mph or so, then the fool locks up his brakes in front of the truck...
  12. OldJeff

    Heya From Little Rock

    Hey Folks, Hopefully I'll be a 2012 NC700X rider soon, just need to work out some details with insurance and financing this week, then I'll get my dealer to ship it in and install all the add-ons. I expect to ride it out end of next week if all goes as planned. Currently riding a 2007 Honda...