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  1. Rapturee

    So i lost my map showing all of the states i've ridden

    When i updated my fuelly and added my new NC for the longest time it would not accept it though i finally got it to post once i deleted my MAP showing all of the states i have ridden to. I'd really like to add the map back in but can not seem to be able to figure out how to do it. Does anyone...
  2. Rapturee

    Making a run to the OREGON Coast and touring Lighthouses(if possible)!

    Hey Hey... time for another long distance ride. This will be the first time the pillion seat will be occupied on a trip. Looking to hit Tillamook for the cheese/ice cream samples first of course. Staying in the Tillamook area and then riding up/down the coast checking out Lighthouses. Hitting...
  3. Rapturee

    Making another quick run to Montana, back down the Lewis & Clark scenic US12 Hwy!

    With all of the beautiful Falls colors out(now that i'm back in town)... I am thinking of taking off for a nice Fall day's 500 mile ride. I'd like to meet up for breakfast about 08am locally, then head off for the ride about 09am. The first leg will be about (175 miles) to take I-90 and head...
  4. Rapturee

    YellowStone National Park ride... Who's in the area that would like to meet up?!

    Here is a quick run down of my route and the days where i'll be. Nothing is set in stone as this was just sprung on me this evening by the wife. When i sat down at the table for supper this evening she says.... "So, i would like you to be able to take your bike, and i'll gladly drive the...
  5. Rapturee

    NC700X Gymkhana

    Who these guys can flat ride!! I can and am really good at that too(ok, before the alarm clock goes off)! :{P YouTube
  6. Rapturee

    Riding the Pacific NorthWest area series. Hope you enjoy! :{)

    This is the second video my son and i have out together(ok, he did most of the work, i just rode) in our series of riding the Pacific NorthWest. Hope you enjoy it! :{)
  7. Rapturee

    Making a quick run over to Washington, Nevada/Cali and back up to Crater Lake/Bend!

    I know it is short notice... and i'm sure it is going to be super HOT!!..... But i'm headed out again! Anyone and Everyone is invited to ride some or any part of it with me or we can meet up somewhere along the way for an Iced Tea or maybe even PIE!! :{P Going to run over to eastern...
  8. Rapturee

    i'm considering a camping equipment change...

    Although most of you here already know that i really enjoy using my Sprawl*Mart Cot-Tent. Even though it is about 4' long closed and weighs about 30lbs, If it wasn't for it's amazing comfort and easy set-up i would never use it on the bike to travel. So, with that being said i'm going to...
  9. Rapturee

    Glacier National Park ride... :{)

    I will be headed to GNP this 3-day weekend. If you are in the area or care to come on over and ride a day or two you are most certainly welcome to! I will be in and out of cell service but i will be checking in as i can to see if anyone is in the area and would like to meet up for a visit or to...
  10. Rapturee

    2013 NC700X DCT... only $3,500.00! in Missoula Montana :{)

    Honda NC700 - motorcycles/scooters - by owner - vehicle automotive bike sale
  11. Rapturee


    I just heard about this and wanted to let everyone know that it was happening in case there are other folk that would like to make the trip to Nakusp for the annual event. Horizons Unlimited Travellers Meeting "Canwest" 2019 is scheduled for July 11th-14th and will be held at the Nakusp Arena...
  12. Rapturee

    2013 NC700X DCT, super low miles!

    Wow, fully outfitted and a gorgeous RED too!! :{) 2013 HONDA NC700 - motorcycles/scooters - by owner - vehicle automotive bike sale
  13. Rapturee

    Speedo Calibrator

    Has anyone found a way to calibrate their NC's speedo? I do not always have my Garmin with me when i ride, and continually having to add 20% to my display gets really annoying after a while. I have been looking at Speedo calibrators and found a few that look like they would work, have any of you...
  14. Rapturee

    International Selkirk Loop...

    I'm taking off this thursday afternoon after my treatment and heading up to Oldtown Idaho. I will start my ride from there and head east on Hwy2 over to US95 and up to Sandpoint Idaho. From there I will continue north on US95 and cross the border at Port Hill, then up British Columbia Hwy3a to...
  15. Rapturee

    pretty Red NC for sale!!

    I've seen better deals, but man that sure is a pretty red dress on that NC, sure makes it look snappy!! :{) 2013 Honda NC700 - motorcycles/scooters - by dealer - vehicle automotive sale
  16. Rapturee

    South East Idaho, NC700X for Sale

    Hey, here is a nice looking NC700x for sale. Although it is not mine, i thought it was good enough to post for someone to grab a good deal!! :{) HONDA NC700X - motorcycles/scooters - by owner - vehicle automotive bike sale
  17. Rapturee

    Central Montana, NC700x for sale

    Hey, saw this bike for sale. It's not mine but thought it was a good enough to let someone in on the deal! :{) 2012 Honda NC700X ONLY 1,981 Miles, 65MPG - motorcycles/scooters - by owner - vehicle automotive bike sale
  18. Rapturee

    Headed to 3-Step Hideaway, May 4th-12th 2019. From North Idaho to La Sal Utah & back!

    Hello, any and all are welcome to come and meet up for a ride or part of the trip. At 3-Step there are no reservations needed if you are tent camping and bringing your own food, otherwise if you'd like fancier accommodations like a TeePee or Cabin(and meals), make sure to contact Scott & Julie...
  19. Rapturee

    just found this Ad in the Seattle area... 2014 NC700x

    I do not know the person nor do i have any further informaiton about it. I just saw the Ad and wanted to pass it on if someone might be interested... 2014 Honda NC700X - motorcycles/scooters - by owner - vehicle automotive bike sale He writes... "Selling my 2014 Honda NC700X. It has...
  20. Rapturee

    3 Step Hideaway 2019 annual meet, La Sal, UT 84530

    Events – 3 Step Hideaway Here is the link to this years annual event. I have heard a lot about 3 Step Hideaway from other trustworthy riders and although i will not be able to make the dates for this years annual Desert Rendezvous ride, i am planning on being there May 13th-16th 2019. More then...