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  1. searsboy

    Canyon Lake ride

    Here's a video from last weekend. It starts off as a slideshow. Hope you enjoy!!!
  2. searsboy

    fork gaiters (ez install)

    Anyone know if these will fit our Honda? Jammer Eazy-On Fork Boot/Gaiter Set For Harley By Kijima - RevZilla
  3. searsboy

    Texas Hill Country

    This vid is from our last 2 days on the road. The full ride report is in the traveling section (9 days out west)
  4. searsboy

    Cloudcroft, New Mexico

    This is a mix of unpaved and paved roads in the Cloudcroft area. The full ride report is in the traveling section (9 days out west)
  5. searsboy

    Paved roads around Big Bend and Fort Davis, Tx

    In case you don't know....the full ride report is in the traveling section.
  6. searsboy

    New Mexico backroads (offroad)

    This video is from SE New Mexico....sooooo much fun! The full ride report is in the traveling section.
  7. searsboy

    Pinto Canyon Rd video (offroad in Big Bend, Tx)

    The full ride report that this video came from is in the traceling section. Hope you enjoy this vid!
  8. searsboy

    Old Maverick Rd video (offroad in Big Bend, Tx)

    Ride report for this entire ride is in the traveling section. Hope you enjoy the vid!
  9. searsboy

    slideshow from our ride out west

    The ride report for this ride is in the traveling section. Hope you enjoy!
  10. searsboy

    9 days out west

    Just got back from a 9 day 2500 mile to Big Bend, Tx and SE New Mexico. This ride was epic!!! The roads and weather was fantastic. We never had to slicker up! Day 1: Originally my buddy Lynn and I were going to leave Wednesday around 8 and ride backroads to Junction, Tx. The weather was...
  11. searsboy

    Near perfect weather Here is a video from yesterday's ride. I've been out of pocket for 3 weeks, so was very ready to get on the NC! Hope you enjoy!!!
  12. searsboy

    Breakfast ride to New Ulm, Texas

    I haven't watched any weather reports lately, but we musta had a cool front come through here. Last night we actually had the temperature go below 70 and the humidity today was much lower than normal! That made for excellent conditions to get out and ride!!! :cool: We did about a 160 mile...
  13. searsboy

    upper wind deflectors

    Put the upper wind deflectors on today. Not sure if they actually do anything, but is a cheap farkle if nothing else! :cool:
  14. searsboy

    Magnolia Texas breakfast ride

    Four of us got out for a 130 mile ride today. We set out early so were back home before the afternoon heat! Not an epic ride, but we had fun! Hope you enjoy the video. :cool:
  15. searsboy

    Breakfast ride

    We're in triple digits here so it's kinda hot to ride, but we got an early start and were home before we melted! Hope you enjoy the vid! :cool:
  16. searsboy

    returning member

    About a year ago I sold my dct due to health issues. I'm feeling better these days and next week I will pick up another dct! The farkling has already begun!!! It's good to be back on this!!! :cool:
  17. searsboy

    Great day for a ride!

    I realize this is not a NC700 video, but thought you all may enjoy this ride video. Yesterday was a near perfect day in the Houston area. Five of us were fortunate enough to be able to take advantage and get in a 250 mile ride on a weekday. It was about 50 degrees when we started around 8:30...
  18. searsboy

    Video from last Sunday

    Got out for a 150 mile ride last weekend. It was a partly sunny day with temp around 45 degrees and a 20 mph north wind. The Spyder handled the dirt and mud pretty good, but I now know the front tires cover the panniers with whatever they run over....mud, manure, etc!!! Hope you enjoy! :cool...
  19. searsboy

    Technically not an NC video,

    but thought you all may enjoy this video from last weekend. It was a little 160 mile ride on some flat but scenic backroads. :cool: Hope this finds you well and Merry Christmas to all.
  20. searsboy

    Service manual help needed

    I have a service manual...somewhere. Since our move 6 months ago there are a lot of things I can't find!!! Tomorrow I was planning on installing the OEM 12V frunk outlet and heated grips. I'm looking for the pages that tell how to remove the body parts for this install. Can anyone out there...