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    A little humor...

    The bond between us & our machines is strong...
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    Its bee a long, COLD winter, but today I went for my first ride of the year!

    I wondered about the battery, but when I turned the key on, the fuel pump sounded pretty perky. My NC fired right up. As I let it warm up in my shed, I could smell something burning. More than the typical "cold air fog" was coming out of my exhaust. I gave the throttle a few blips and...
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    I'm glad ONE of us was paying attention...
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    Dodged a prickly pair last night, coming home through some fog.

    Not the best night footage, but good enough to capture the close call. This isn't a good example of how good the footage the camera captures. My clips taken in the day time come out looking very good.
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    Anyone else going to the MotoGP race at Indy on the 10th?

    It will be my second year to see the spectacle of clustered riders come rippin' down the straight after the first lap. The rest of the race ain't bad either heh heh.
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    Oil leak after valve check & oil/filter change

    I know this probably isn't the right subforum, but seeing as I plan on leaving for a 2000 mile trip in 2 days, I needed this post to get some quick views and hopefully insightful responses. After a 2-3 mile test run after finishing the valve check, I noticed the leak. The leak is coming...
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    I started a new hobby. The best part: My NC makes it very cheap for me to enjoy.

    I've been wanting to get a metal detector for a few years now. My new Garrett Ace250 arrived about 2 weeks ago. 'Been breaking it down into its 3 pieces, so it fits in my 55L dry bag and strapping it onto my NC. 70mpg really lets me extend my search range without costing me an arm and a...
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    Live stream to watch the Moto3, Moto2, & MotoGP races

    I'm watching the Moto3 race right now, an hour before it is scheduled to show on DiretTV's FOX Sports 1. After I went to the link, I closed the "Click here to download plugin" box on the bottom of the NON full screen player. The "Click here to play stream" box that blocks most of the small...
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    Fueling (me) up for a long ride.

    Mid 50's expected today!! I'm thinking of hitting the West Coast of the mitten. Gonna top my fuel tank off with some of the 5# meatloaf I did last night in my smoker. The smoker really has a way of bringing out the carnivore in me.
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    MotoGP racing starts NOW!!!

    I totally forgot about it. Good thing I was channel flipping and stumbled on the lineup for the start!! Jorge wrecks on first lap!!! No way.
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    Re-u-ni-ted and it feeels so goooood!

    (A lil' Peaches & Herb for ya) First ride of the year today. After the ride, I wore my ice crampons so I could push my NC up against the slight incline of pure ice that is currently my driveway. I managed 25 miles before I headed back to get ready for work. "Work"....the thing I endure...
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    Do you mutipurpose any of your gear when traveling/touring?

    After a day on the road comes to an end, sometimes I pass the time looking at my stuff and ask the question: "What else could I use this for?". Everything I can dual-purpose keeps me from packing more unnecessary weight. As I posted in another thread, my shampoo lets me clean up & also serves...
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    The happy addict

    I think he even looks a bit younger, don'tcha think?
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    I wouled like help with a "virtual" calendar for a class reunion date

    A group was created recently on Facebook for people that graduated from my high school 25 years ago. We're trying to pin a weekend/date to hold a reunion. I suggested a virtual calendar that people could put their name on weekends they can't make it. The weekend with the fewest names, is the one...
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    The "use tax" on stuff for my NC, cut my state refund in half! :-P

    Holy crapola! I just e-filed my taxes. There's a spot in the Michigan return section to enter all my online purchases that I DIDN'T pay taxes on. took a pretty penny (at my consent, of course!) with lots of goodies for my bike, necessities (like tires), & some gear for me. Not...
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    Warning: Bread related content..... My first attempt at the "batard" shape

    This is the result of my first attempt at a batard. Looks like I had my oven too cool (even though I set it 25F higher than normal). It still tastes good, but I'm shooting for more oven spring and edge curling. Muuuuch better than store bought crapola!
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    Last ride for 4 months today :-(

    Per my agreement with my insurance company, only coverage for storage damage starts today. Gonna give it a good wash and then I'll wheel my NC into the house to spend the winter. I can't complain. While I waited for winter to break last year, I planned 3 rides/tours, and did all three...
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    The search for waterproof gear, continues....

    Like my 2 previous sets of Frogg Toggs, The Thunder Under suit didn't keep the rain out either. Oddly enough, tonight was the only appreciable rain I've seen on my commute since I bought the gear a month and a half ago. I'd also like to mention that I haven't washed this set since I bought it...
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    Real or Photoshoped? If it isreal, I have something to shoot for now.

    Real or Photoshopped? If it is real, I have something to shoot for now. Been looking at the consistency of the shadows on this pic to find something that throws a red flag. It might be the real deal. If the owner of this bike is female, I would like to meet her and immediately propose...