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    Need Help NC700X 2013 Engine noise

    Hello, I have NC700x 2013 model at 119.000 km bike. I realised that engine is starting make noise at 3500-4000 RPM (everything is normal up to 3000 RPM). Please watch the video. If I would not ride over 3000 RPM then there is no noise on the engine. Noise is stopping after 15 mins riding even if...
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    2016 NC700 $4,000

    2016 NC700 with 8k miles. Bike has never been down and is in excellent condition with multiple upgrades to include, Two new tires (less than 500 miles), Givi tank bag, rear rack and Givi mono key trunk, brush buster with bar end weights, upgraded wide footpegs, radiator guard, taller windscreen...
  3. Monument Valley

    Monument Valley

  4. Thank You All

    Thank You All

    I ride the way I do because of all of you.
  5. NC700X Hollywood Bound

    NC700X Hollywood Bound

    A scenic shot I took while riding along the Hollywood Hills.
  6. NC700X Hollywood Bound!!!

    NC700X Hollywood Bound!!!

    Scenic Shot of my 700X below the "Hollywood Sign."