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2012 Integra Front brake adjust


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Mar 10, 2024
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Plovdiv, Bulgaria
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Hello all!
Recently I had an accident (very low speed hit, with Igor falling on its right side), and my front brake lever got bent. I purchased used ones, but now when I squeeze the lever it is very close to the handle. I could not see some way of regulation, but keep in mind I'm not technical at all, so I might have missed it.

Can anyone help me with picture or video how to regulate the lever so it will not be that close to the handle when fully squeezed?

Thanks in advance!
Did you purchase an exact replacement Honda lever?

Some levers will have an adjustment on them at the pivot end, often a round disk/knob, sometimes with numbers on it. Other than that, there are generally no adjustments available in the front hydraulic disk brake system.
Again, did you purchase an exact replacement Honda lever, the one listed in Honda’s illustrated parts listing for your model?
If the replacement lever is identical to the original (before it was bent), then the only other idea that comes to mind is there could be air in the line, perhaps induced buy the tipover. Bleeding the hydraulic brake might solve the problem, and even if it doesn’t, it can’t hurt to have fresh fluid.