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2013 NC700x 4820 miles $5000


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Sep 17, 2017
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Well the time has come where I feel it is best to sell my bike. I knew the day was coming, but it's sure not my favorite thing in the world to do, that's for sure! Got a baby on the way who will be here in just a few short months. I just don't ride as much as I did and when I do, it's only to work (3.7 miles one way) or just a joy-ride around town. Also, wanting to get my wife's car paid off and buy a new pickup for myself as the one I have now is falling apart. Plus, I know my wife sure won't be sad to see it go. :) Will pickup riding again later in life, I know it!

It's a 2013 with 4820 miles (and counting as I continue to ride it to work occasionally.)

Givi Top Case and mount
Mutazu engine guards
Delkevic 9" oval slip on exhaust
Acc Sub-Harness/ relay fuse kit
Fog lights
Lowering Links
Rear Hugger
Handlebar risers
MRA Variotouring windscreen
Mirror extenders
Black, adjustable levers
Tusk Panniers and Mounts
Seat concepts low seat (doesn't seem to lower the seat height)
Black widow decat pipe
LED Headlight (Sealight)
Lowered kickstand

Other items I will sell with the bike that are not installed:

OEM links
OEM kickstand
Cat pipe
Brake and clutch levers
Original windshield cut down and plasti-dipped
OEM headlight bulb
Front fender extender
Original foam and seat cover


There is damage to the Tusk box lid you see in the picture, but I have a replacement lid on the way.
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