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A center stand stop for the CTX

Michael Moore

Mar 23, 2017
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In the fog of San Francisco
I recently purchased a Mutazu NC700 center stand for my CTX. It appears to be a close copy of the Honda OEM stand other than they made the hook for one end of the small spring too small (that was adjusted with pliers) and don't supply a section of hose to put over the springs to keep them from scrubbing on the stand.

All of the stands, Honda OEM or aftermarket, are for the NC-X or NC-S models which use a rubber foot on the stand against the underside of the muffler on the right side of the bike as a stop.

There's a stop sold by a shop in Japan that provides the OEM NC-S stand (shorter height than the longer suspension travel X model) that doesn't look too fancy but they get $40 for it. It is mounted with the M6 bolt that retains the pivot shaft and some people have reported bending of that bolt. I think the problem is that the only thing holding the stop in place is that bolt and many people probably just roll off the stand and let it slam into the stop.

I just finished, other than paint (it is too windy outside right now), a more elaborate stop that should eliminate that issue. I had some bits of .25" HR steel plate on hand that I used along with a piece of .125" angle and some .125" UHMW-PE sheet.

I'd noticed there were some 6 mm fixturing holes in the lower damper mount plates so I shaped and tapped a piece of plate to be clamped to the underside of the mount, then welded a vertical piece of plate to that. The bottom of that (with the plastic underneath) is what contacts the reinforcing rib on the stand so all loads are fed through those plates straight into the frame plate. The bolt only acts to keep the stop from falling on the ground when the stand is down, the rest of the time the stop is held in place by the stand. The retaining screw for the pivot shaft is not used to retain the stop.

I drilled a couple of token lightening holes, and the big one is so the pivot bolt for the suspension rocker can be accessed without removing the stop.

It no doubt is overkill but I think it should be bulletproof (though a bit on the heavy side).

If anyone wants to base their own home-brew stop on what I came up with be my guest.

Japanese stop:

My stop in place on the bike: http://www.eurospares.com/graphics/FF/Honda%20CTX700/centerstandstopper_0991.jpg

My stop, various views: