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Another post about racks/bags


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May 19, 2021
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San Francisco, CA
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Hi, all-

I bought my 2013 nc700x a few months ago and hope to do some camping and touring on it, in addition to running around town on it. I'm having a blast!

My bike, unfortunately, came with a short sissy bar or back rest. See photos (along with a few trials w duffel bag and unsupported saddlebags.) I would rather have a rear rack of some sort, but my budget is a little limited at the moment. I've been trying different combos of saddle bags and researching tail/fender bags, strapping stuff sacks to the back, throwing my duffel over the sissy, etc. I don't want hard bags nor a hard rear case, and I also like the more naked look I think for simple around-town stuff, so I'm hesitating to buy an all-in-one rear rack with saddlebag supports. I might succumb to it eventually and love having the whole setup permanently on there, rack wise. Not sure. In the past, I've commuted and toted my son around when he was little on a cargo bicycle, so I do love the fun challenge of how much I can carry at a time without a car, and love being able to grab whatever I need while out and get it all home.

Right now, I'm looking at stuff on eBay since I can't find anything locally on Craigslist (i am in San Francisco.) There is a rear luggage rack for $160, and then the all-in-one from Ukraine or Russia for almost $300 including shipping. I bought and returned some Nelson rigg saddlebags from Amazon because the "universal" supports I also bought wouldn't work and I thought I would try just using straps to buckle stuff on for my first trip on July, saving some $. I have not been able to get anything secured high enough over the exhaust using rock straps so far.

I'm dreaming big for the future, though, and wonder if I should just bite the bullet and get some sort of rack vs the back rest, which aside from being metal to attach stuff to, is just in the way. Ideas? Sources? Thanks!!


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