August, 2017 TAT on the Africa Twin


I like that answer...I was simply asking since, like you said, you only get a glimpse of other people's trips. I don't know if I'll ever be able to do the trip, but it's certainly a dream of mine to be able to. And wow, those Canyonlands trails look pretty cool!


I've taken a slew of trail riding and adv classes since last September and put thousands of off road miles on the bike riding trails nearby.
I thought I was ready to tackle most anything the TAT could throw at me.
I was wrong.
Not due to lack of skill but more a result of a lack of experience of riding on different terrain.
I'm glad I had enough sense to stop riding over my limit in order to ride home on two wheels, not four.[emoji3]
There have been many moments where despair, frustration set in and my confidence level bottomed out but shook it off and rode on. Before I knew it, I had mojo back.

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That's probably the best mindset to have, not to get down too much about riding a specific trail but just to enjoy the ones that you do ride.